7 Best places to enjoy Sunset in Bali

Less than perfect if we vacation to Bali without enjoying the beauty of sunset in Bali. Did you know where the best place in Bali is for us to enjoy the sunset at dusk? We advise you the best locations to enjoy the sun setting here are 7 of the best places for you to enjoy in the sun setting.

  1. The beautiful sunset at Amed Beach

In Karangasem Regency in Tulamben village, Kubu District is the location of Amed beach. To reach this location AR it takes approximately 2 hours of travel time from the city of Denpasar and the city Amlapura 30 minutes to drive.

The black sand that is on the beach is exotic in the sea that has a wealth of underwater that is beautiful and can not be found as in the other beaches in Bali. On this beach, there are many things that you can do but at the time of dusk, it is also not the least lost for you to feel the beauty because there is a sun that sets on the hill of Amed and when dusk arrives there are things you can do to see the activity of the salt farmer while you walk on the shore.

  1. The hidden Sunset at Tegalwangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach or also a person usually mentions with Jimbaran living not many K people who know the location of this beach is called the Fairy. To reach this beach you can access and follow the road to Ayana Resort then turn towards Pura Tegal Wangi. Whereas if you from the direction of Ngurah Rai Airport to reach this beach it takes approximately 30 minutes you drive.

The beauty of nature is enchanting one of the interesting things about this beach in addition to its beaches are not yet many people know. From the top of the cliff, you can see the beach with its beauty and some of the cliffs that are overgrown with many trees that are so perfect and green.

  1. Enjoy the hustle of Mesari beach before Sunset

Mesari Beach is better known or people call it with the beach of Double Six located at this oil location has become the main destination of tourists who come to Bali then if you come here oil do not forget to this beach.

This beach is famous for its white sand but its beach lips are so wide that many who come and visit it to this beach many do run playing balls leisurely walk or lazy-mala take a sunbathing

The view of the sunset at this beach is also one of the best in Bali. You can also relax on the edge of the café on the beach or want to eat in the restaurant Anne-Marie to see the evening.

  1. Enjoy a horse-riding Sunset at Batu Belig Beach

In Kerobokan area there is a beach called batubeling is one of the beaches in the location. This location is also not many people who know the existence of this beach and not many people come here. Although it is located very close to the beach Petitenget Oma This beach also has a quiet wave so it is suitable for you who are swimming or just lean back to the beach.

You can rent a horse on the beach to enjoy the setting of the sun on the dusk that it is riding by the beach.

  1. When dusk arrives to see the beautiful, Tanah Lot Temple

Who has visited or holiday to Bali certainly know Tanah Lot and a fun place for you to enjoy when the sun is sunset at dusk. There is a temple that causes the unique Sunset that is in this place because the temple is located on a giant rock that is commonly also used by Hindu for ritual.

By the time you walk to Tanah Lot, you will enjoy the beautiful rice fields in this location.

Come at 18.30 WITA so that you will not be late to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the sunset because it is so very charming then do not arrive until you are delayed.

  1. Enjoy Sunset at the Temani with Kecak dance at Uluwatu Temple
    In addition to enjoying the local atmosphere of Bali Island in Tanah Lot temple, you can also visit Uluwatu Temple which is located in Pecatu to enjoy the beauty of the sunset that is no need to doubt.
    Because of this the temple area, so visitors are obliged to use the cloth and shawl as a form of respect. From the entrance, you have to walk to the temple area which is one of the spots to enjoy the sunset. Along the way, you should keep all your belongings in the bag and not bring food because of the many wild monkey monkeys here.

Enjoying the sun’s sinking in this place is very interesting because you will be accompanied by the Kecak dance, a typical Balinese dance. You can enjoy the luxurious sunset in this place while witnessing how cool the Balinese culture is.

This one object is not purely free to enjoy, you need to spend Rp. 100 thousand per person to be able to enjoy the Kecak dance. But if you just want to see the sunset in Uluwatu Temple from afar, there are some spots that you can use for free.

  1. Twilight with the limestone Panorama at Melasti Beach
    Just like Pandawa Beach, Melasti Beach which is also located in the Ungasan area has one of the most beautiful sunset panoramas we have ever witnessed.

With a giant limestone cliff that reaches an altitude of 100-150 meters towering will make anyone who comes to Melasti beach is amazed. The road that is twined down to the beach is now being fixed by the government, so you will now be easier to access the wide stretches of white beaches here.






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