Acta Brasserie – The Maj, Jakarta

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Isn’t it wonderful to have no ending new restaurants to visit? This time my story start with visiting Acta Brasserie, the newest eatery in The Maj Senayan area, where the grass is green and the lighting’s always naturally nice. There’s a certain beach club vibe at this place, although sadly it’s no where near the ocean. It has golf course view instead, which was not bad at all. We chose the indoor seating cause Jakarta was quite hot that day. The manager was very attentive, asking for our opinion, but I’m saving mine for this review. 😁

For starter we ordered:

Samyang Popcorn Chicken

Samyang Popcorn Chicken (IDR 70.000): Korean style fried chicken with cheese and Samyang spices as spicy as you can imagine. I love it!

Ikura Salmon Taco

Ikura Salmon Taco (IDR 125.000): Taco shaped sushi with spicy mayo, avocado and salmon pieces. The overall dish was good, but the avocado was too ripe.

Baby Lobster Spaghetti

Baby Lobster Spaghetti (IDR 190.000): Pasta with lobster stock, red chili and parmesan. I hate to say this but the lobster wasn’t fresh enough although the pasta flavor was alright.

Striploin Wagyu Steak

Striploin Wagyu Steak (IDR 450.000): Good quality meat, tasty sauce but a little overcooked.

Nasi Goreng Roa

Nasi Goreng Roa (IDR 95.000): Sweet and savory spicy fried rice with Cakalang Fufu, fried chicken, Melinjo crackers and pickles. Delicious!


Dark Chocolate Brownie

Dark Chocolate Brownie (IDR 65.000): Nice chewy Chocolate brownie with candied orange, walnut and vanilla ice cream.

Yuzu Honey Kakigori

Yuzu Honey Kakigori (IDR 60.000): Japanese shaved ice with Yuzu cream, honey glaze, citrus syrup, lime zest and honeycomb topping. Fresh and tangy dessert.

The combination of quantity and festive atmosphere more than offsets the inconsistent food quality, though some of Acta dishes are quite good. Of course I would still like to wait and come back for a second opinion.

Acta Brasserie

The MAJ Senayan
Senayan National Golf Club
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX
Senayan, South Jakarta

Phone : (021) 5085 1868 / 081 1185427

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 10AM- 1AM
Sat & Sun  9AM – 1AM

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