Amazing Scenery when Matplaying Golf at New Kuta Golf Uluwatu Bali

When the holidays come Bali is the most famous tourist spot to visit and be in the main destination of the tourists. If you want to play golf with an interesting experience and you probably have never encountered please come to New Kuta Golf Uluwatu. You will find a thrill playing different balls for sure.
Beautiful scenery in Bali is very beautiful to accompany you to play golf which will make you happy and joyful. Then come to New Kuta golf Uluwatu For those of you who like or enjoy a golf hobby. This golf course position sits atop a cliff that will give you a direct view of the ocean and it’s the most central and unique thing as a golf course.
The first golf course with this link layout model is a special place for the championship standard with the name New Kuta Golf. It has a length of 6832 meters and an area of 85 hectares, which is a golf course with a 72 pack and 18 holes.
It was the design of Kevin Ramsey, David Dale, and Ronald Fream’s New Kuta Golf Uluwatu Golf Course. There are many variations you can satisfy for all skill level levels as it has 5 sets of tees.

In addition to having a vast Golf area, then nature will accompany your atmosphere in golfing at New Kuta Golf Uluwatu, the amazing surroundings will accompany the atmosphere while you play golf. Overlooking Dreamland Beach and Balangan is a special Golf Spot because of the limestone cliffs. With its vines, green grass and river bed, and low plains that’s the first 9 things in the New golf town. With the vines, the green grass and the river and the lowland is the location of the first 9 things in New Kuta golf.
Equipped with a variety of golf city facilities also offer natural beauty, such as restaurants and bars that can spoil you not with the menu, there is also a very magnificent clubhouse.

With a view of hole 9 and hole 18, that’s what you can see when you are in a restaurant on the ground floor. International menu and as well as the typical Indonesian food provided, once you play on the Hope Golf course with the menu can accompany you rest for a while.

There is also a Spa with massage service that can relax your body after playing Golf that is the facilities available besides the restaurant. This location is not only for golf, as well as a place to do wedding receptions. Also available are Pro Shop that sells golf equipment, clothes, golf accessories with famous brands that will be the needs of golfers.

Location and opening hours of New Kuta Golf Uluwatu
If you want to spend your time and play golf in the golf town, then you can go directly to the location in Pecatu Indah Resort area, Jalan Raya Uluwatu, South Kuta, Badung, Bali. The New Kuta Golf operating hours are from 06.00 – 19.00 WITA, every Monday – Sunday.





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