An educative tour with the family to Bali Bird Park

The island of Bali indeed always presents a very interesting tour to visit. And Bali Bird Park is one of them. This bird park is located in Singapadu village which is one of the most liked destinations for tourists who are on holiday to Bali.

And especially if you are a bird lover, but this tourist location is not only crowded with birds, many tourists who come with their family and children to look around and also interact with various types of birds found in Bali Bird Park.

Bali Bird Park already has a collection of birds that are complete, in this place also become captive various kinds of rare birds named “Bali Nursery”.

Bali Nursery itself is a breeding and development site for rare birds. Not all visitors are allowed to enter the breeding site.

Bali Bird Park Places of interest
The location of Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park is located at Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Ds. Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar – Bali. Bali Bird Park itself can be an interesting recreation choice and educative for the family. Its strategic location certainly will not make it difficult for you to go to Bali Bird Park.

The distance traveled is only about 13 kilometers from the city of Denpasar and approximately 25 kilometers from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Not only that, but the location is also adjacent to some tourist attractions, such as Kintamani, Bali Safari Park, Bali Zoo Park, Ubud, and Sanur beach.

This tourist spot also presents a lot of beautiful natural scenery so you will not get bored when traveling here.

Various types of birds that you can find in this place, from the original Indonesian birds to birds from South America and Africa.

Bali Bird Park has a land area of about two hectares and accommodates about a thousand birds from 250 different bird types.

In addition to various types of birds, here the tourists can also look around a variety of tropical plants. For plants, there are about 2000 types that exist in this place. Some plants add a more beautiful and fresh atmosphere and its efficacy.

To get to the location of Bali Bird Park You can use various types of transportation, whether it’s private vehicles such as cars or motorcycles or public transportation such as buses, taxis, or car rental services.

However, the trip to this tourist attraction will be easier for you to use a taxi, car rental, or private car.

When using public transportation, you can also take a public bus or other transportation and make Batu Bulan village as its fault.

Overview of Bali Bird Park
Bali Bird Park is the only bird park in Bali. The collection is very complete, the place is also very shady. Bali Starling is one of the collections in this place, the bird is a rare type that is also in the breeding. Every day, this place is very crowded visited by tourists.

This Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park Tour is not only a breeding place for various types of birds, but also other animals such as iguanas, lizards, snakes, Komodo dragons, and many more.

Having a tour here will make you feel like you are in the original habitat of various bird species in this location.

Other activities that you can enjoy and do are taking pictures with birds, watching cockatoos flying downstream, and watching four-dimensional theater.

Various animal collections in Bali Bird Park Gianyar
Bali Bird Park is well designed and styled, there are walkways that visitors can just walk around and look around the poultry collection that is here.

Various collection of poultry that you can find among others parrot, Blue Peacock, collared Imperial pigeon Bodas, white peacock, chicken Hutam mas, as well as some kinds of sorts such as green Darling Macaw, Macaw byacin, Macaw scarlet, Macaw blue gold, Macaw Severa, and Macaw Buffon.

There is also a wide collection of rare birds such as grey parrots, crimson Wing parakeet, Bido Snake eagles, Javanese eagles, cassowary, and Golden Nicobar Pigeon.

Next, there is also a collection of Bali starling birds whose existence is now beginning to rare. There is also a collection of bird-of-Paradise, parrot, Bondol, Long-tailed Wydah, King’s parrots, Pericles of yellow lines, King Kasturi, Javanese parrots, Julang, African Starling, and many other rare bird collections.
Bali Bird Park Holidays are more educational and suitable for children. With a vacation here with the children, they will know more about the world of birds, teach it to love animals, instill concern about nature, and invite to take care of the population of rare birds to avoid extinction.

Some Bali Bird Park tour Facilities
The location of the Bali Bird Park Tourism area is equipped with various types of facilities that will support the comfort of visitors. The facilities include a large parking area, lodging, clean toilets, restaurants, cafes, rest areas, canteen, and many other facilities.





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