Here’s a cool way to enjoy the underwater scenery of the Island of the Gods on a Bali underwater scooter

There are many activities that you can do while you are on vacation in Bali. Scooter underwater Bali may be one that you can try, in a fun and fun way so tourists will be invited to be able to witness the underwater beauty of Bali.

Similar to the Walker ride of the Son of the Inverted God. It is done on foot by Walker, as for this activity is done using an underwater computer. Can’t swim than any need to worry to try it. The security has been tested by this tool.
Not much different from the usual motorcycle Scooter underwater Bali used by tourists has the same way of operation. It is easy and without difficulty, tourists will be able to operate this tool. So experienced professional instructors will also accompany you when you are active here.

Anyone can do this Bali underwater scooter ride. Certification doesn’t need to participate in this activity as it is done by divers to be able to do this. Remember the depth reaches 20 meters you just sit up above the scooter and down the underwater nature of Bali.

In the waters of Bali without fear of drowning you can also interact more closely with the sea creatures at the same time you can do that. You can also feed the fish that swim around you. There is no need for you to worry about other dangers or the presence of sharks and others that could threaten your existence while doing this activity. Because there are already professional instructors to cope with terrible things like what you imagine.
This is Bali’s Underwater Scooter Location

If you are interested in scooter underwater Bali activity there are two places in Bali that you can visit. The next place is in Nusa ceningan and Nusa Dua Tanjung Benoa is the two locations. Fun and fun both offer that experience, which distinguishes only the activity and its duration.

The place to go should be Nusa Dua if tourists who have very limited vacation time and are interested in riding an underwater scooter Bali. For 25 minutes tourism take the opportunity to explore the underwater nature of Bali if in Nusa Dua. It’s been an unforgettable experience even though the time is quite short.

Choose Nusa ceningan if you want to experience a longer Bali underwater boarding experience. With a much longer duration, you will be invited to explore the underwater nature on the Island of the Gods of Bali. Why because the time starts from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Here’s the Price of Underwater Bali Scooter Package

Whether in Nusa Dua or Nusa ceningan, several companies provide Bali underwater scooter services. There is one company in Nusa Dua that has a rate of USD 65 per person and a minimum of 2 persons.

Meanwhile, Nusa ceningan underwater tribe itself starts a rate of USD 95. In this location, you get supporting facilities in the form of transportation, lunch, and others. That’s the facility besides you are invited to witness the beauty of the underwater by riding an underwater sekuter.

Several companies provide Bali underwater scooter service, either in Nusa Dua or Nusa Ceningan. One of them is Aqua Star. The company provides underwater scooter service in Nusa Dua at a rate of 65 USD per person and is a minimum for two people.

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