Balian Beach Bali One of the best places to surf

Balian Beach on the island of Bali is now a new destination among surf sports lovers. This beach is also known as a tourist attraction with a beautiful and breathtaking view. Located in the west part of Bali, this beach is also known for its uniqueness of greyish-black sand beaches.

The high waves on the beach make the tourists keep coming to Balian beach. The waves are large and tall, making the surfers can do various attractions freely. Although of course, this kind of condition will be dangerous enough for those who are new to learn.
In addition to the high-tide, Balian Beach must also be wary of especially by surfers. Because at this beach location often found sharks are ready to prey on the surfers. Because it is the South Sea it is no wonder that sharks often roam here, so it is hoped that surfers are more alert and cautious.

The best time to visit Balian Beach is when the afternoon before sunset to see the sunset. And you who intend to surf should come before 11 noon because in those times the land winds are more toned. This can make your activities more fun and challenging.
Besides surfing, many other activities can be done at Balian Beach. These include relaxing while on the beach. The black sand does not mean it is dirty. But it’s the beach in Tabanan black sand and this is the trademark. You can also relax while sunbathing on the beach.
Balian Beach also has enchanting beauty. No wonder if a newly married couple decides to honeymoon at this beach. The location is quiet plus a stunning view adds to the romantic atmosphere. The beauty of the sunset can be enjoyed while sitting on the sand.
The supporting facilities on the beach are also quite complete. Because it is a tourist location that many tourists visit, then around the beach area is found a lot of lodging or villa for the convenience of tourists. The price offered also varies according to the facilities of the accommodation provided. There are also many bars and restaurants selling a variety of food and drinks.

Location of Balian Bali Beach
Balian Beach is located in the area of Lalanglinggah village, Selemadeg Barat District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. It is approximately 60 km or about 2 hours drive from Denpasar City or about 84 km from Gilimanuk port.

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