Beautiful white sand in Pecatu beach Bali

Almost every area of the tourism area in Bali has a beach attraction. However, not all the beaches on the island of Bali have white sand. Most of the white sand beach attractions in Bali are located in Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, and the southern part of Bali.

One of the tourist areas in southern Bali that have many white sand beaches in the tourist area of Pecatu Bali. One of the white sand beach tourism objects that you can find in the tourist area of Pecatu is Dreamland beach Bali.

New Kuta Beach is another name of Dreamland beach. Therefore, if there is mention of the New Kuta Beach tourist attraction, then the meaning is Dreamland Beach Bali.

Why should you have a vacation to Dreamland beach Bali?
Dreamland Beach tourist attraction is famous because it has very fine white sand. Also, the location of the beach is surrounded by towering white coral cliffs. The beauty of Dreamland Pecatu Beach can also be seen from the top of coral cliffs. From the top of this cliff, you will be able to see Dreamland Pecatu coastline.

The wave waves of Dreamland beach are quite strong and big, with very clear seawater. Therefore Dreamland beach is very liked by tourists who have a hobby of surfing.

If you want to invite children to swim on the beach while on holiday in Bali, then you should visit Jimbaran Beach. Because the waves on Jimbaran beach Bali quieter and suitable for children swimming.

Most of the Indonesian tourists who vacation to Dreamland beach, prefer to sit on the beach while seeing surfers crashing through the waves. Besides suitable for surfing activities, the sunset view at Dreamland Beach is also very beautiful, it is seen emitting a reddish-orange glow mixed with blue color.

The allure of Dreamland Pecatu Beach
Since it is in a secluded place, then Dreamland Beach is much cleaner than Kuta beach. Dreamland Bali Beach Visitors, more foreign tourists than tourists in Indonesia. This is because the beach waves are quite big, so it is suitable for sports enthusiasts who are the majority of foreign tourists.

The main attraction of Dreamland Beach is the cleanliness of the beach is very awake. It gives a comfortable impression when you sit or lie down on the Dreamland beach Bali. If you are not a person who likes to swim on the beach, you should recommend not a vacation to this beach. Since the location of Dreamland Bali is very far, and to return from this beach to other tourist sites, you will be exposed to pretty severe congestion on the road bypass Ngurah Rai.

But for those of you who love Dreamland beach Bali and want a beach with clean white sand, then Bali Dreamland tourist attractions, beach tourism objects in Bali that you must visit during the holidays on the island of Bali gods.

I recommend, for your first time to this beach Dreamland, preferably with people who have previously been to this beach, or with people who have known and know about the location of Dreamland Bali. Because for the first time people come to Dreamland Bali, it will be a little hard to find this beach location.

Address & Location Dreamland Bali
The location of Dreamland Bali is located in the Bukit Ungasan Pecatu, precisely in the Bali Pecatu Graha complex (New Kuta Golf District). Also, the location of Dreamland Beach one lane with Garuda Wisnu Kencana attraction.

Dreamland Beach Bali, located very remotely and you must pass the resort area of New Kuta Golf to find the location of the beach. So, if you are the first vacation to Dreamland Beach, to make it easier to find the location of Dreamland beach, you should use GPS or ask local people, after you pass the location of Bali GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana).

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