Want to go to the beach with a quiet atmosphere, come to Berawa Canggu beach Bali

Many beautiful beaches that can be found on the island of Bali. If you want to find a beautiful beach that is still deserted from the visit of tourists. One of them is Berawa Canggu beach Bali. This beach is fairly quiet.

This beach is located in the Canggu area and has a view not less beautiful with the famous beach that is in Bali. The beach is also known for its vast expanses of sand. So good to be a vacation location with family. You can also accompany the kids to enjoy the sand, and you can relax and hang out at the seaside.

As well as being known for its vast expanse of sand, the beach is also quite popular amongst surf sports lovers. When visiting here, you can also see the existence of tourists who are amid surfboards. The quiet atmosphere and coupled with the high wave rolls do make the surfers interested in this Bali beach Berawa Canggu.
Also, Berawa Beach in Canggu Bali is famous for having a sunset view that is not less beautiful with the other beach. With a quiet atmosphere, the traveler can enjoy the tranquility of enjoying the beautiful view of the sunset there. This beach also provides a more privacy atmosphere when compared to other beaches in Canggu, such as Legian or Petitenget.

The quiet atmosphere is also widely utilized by the community or tourists to walk around with the beloved dog. And there are also rows of villas that are located on the beachfront. Even some villas in Berawa beach allow anyone to relax in the area. Especially to enjoy the sunset atmosphere.

Location of Berawa Beach Bali
Berawa Beach is located in Banjar Berawa in the village of Canggu, Bali. The location is adjacent to several other beaches, including Canggu Beach, Batu Belig Beach and Petitenget Beach. Berawa Canggu Beach can also be reached from the center of Denpasar either by two wheels or four wheels, it takes approximately 20 minutes.

How to get to Berawa Canggu beach Bali
The way to get to Berawa Canggu Beach Bali is also not very difficult. If from Denpasar, the traveler can use the path to Tanah Lot. Then just turn left to get to this place. It is easiest to come to this place by using a rental or private vehicle.

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