Stay at bubble hotel by the beach namely Bubble hotel Pecatu

To stay at Pecatu hotel if you want to find a unique hotel in Bali. With a truly unique room, you will be invited to stay here. You can directly see the view of the beach from the room.

If you want a natural atmosphere then Bubble hotel Pecatu is the right choice. You can experience the stay. It’s like camping by staying at this hotel, but it has what’s like a facility in the hotel. A commonly known term is glamour camping.

Facilities of Bubble Hotel Pecatu

Never expect luxury facilities here, because the hotel puts more put forward the uniqueness of the experience that guests can feel. In this place, you cannot feel the heating, kitchen, hairdryer, or wi-fi internet access.

By the hotel instead, you can only or obtain the facilities provided by it.

It is only about 10 meters from the coastline as the location of the hotel is on the beachfront. When you wake up in the morning you can see the beach firsthand.

Very natural atmosphere to be had. In the area around the room, you can find greenery surrounding it. The hotel provides facilities in the form of shampoo to clean yourself while staying here. If you have made a reservation in advance for bbq preparation and food, it will be provided by the hotel.
You can still get electrical facilities while inside the hotel even though you are in a very natural location. There is also a toilet and a bathroom with shampoo toiletries and towels. Don’t worry about safety as the hotel guarantees every guest.

And here’s How to Book a Room at Bubble Hotel Pecatu

There are not many room options that you can find. There is only one room option that you can stay in that is provided by the hotel. Using a King size bed this room has a capacity for 2 people.

Only with this option will be the right choice for you if you want a very romantic holiday atmosphere in Bali. If the sky is in a clear condition you can invite couples to see the view of the Balinese sky at night which is so beautiful that the stars are not very beautiful.
With the exclusive atmosphere offered What about the price? to stay at this hotel is very big enough then it is not surprising if the cost is like that. With Rp1.4 million per night that’s the rate charged. You can only order it by booking online

This Is The Location of Bubble Hotel Pecatu

Located in South Kuta, the Pecatu area is located from the location of the hotel. You will be invited by the on-duty staff and walk for about 10 to 20 minutes to get to the hotel location. Therefore If you want to stay at this Bubble hotel Pecatu hotel then prepare your physique in advance let alone want to face a romantic night.

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