Stay at the amazing cabin Bali capsule hotel near Kuta Beach Bali

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Looking for a budget hotel is not the only factor that backpackers pay attention to staying. Comfort and safety factors are all you need to pay attention to. The new amazing cabin capsule hotel can fulfill your cravings in the right way when you are looking for a unique design on offer.

A hotel that is specifically aimed at lovers of cheap streets is the hotel you can choose from. You don’t have to spend so much when staying at a great cost when staying at this hotel. The location of the hotel is very strategic and the design of the room is also unique.
Quite an expensive cost when staying at an amazing cabin Bali

It is so simple the architectural design is owned by amazing cabin Bali. When you visit the hotel then you will not find the interior design so luxurious let alone unique. Because of the comfort and facilities offered that make this hotel not so expensive.

The facilities are quite complete provided by the amazing cabin. Parking is available fairly on the outside. You can park a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle in this parking area. There are also prepared such as a shared bathroom and there is an option for hot water.

It has quite comfortable outdoor pool facilities it is also provided by amazing cabin Kuta. Maintained cleanliness this swimming pool has water also clear. So green and beautiful surrounding the pond. And there is also a recliner made of rattan wood that you can use to relax.
This is the atmosphere of Bali’s amazing cabin capsule room

So simple capsule room owned by amazing cabin Bali. With a single bed, this room is quite small. The location of the bedroom is downstairs or above that which you can choose for you to stay. The room was clean and comfortable.

It is divided into two capsule rooms in this hotel. Inside there is a capsule room for men and women when you come across the room. The hotel does not provide sections for mixing between women and men. Includes air conditioning and free wi-fi in every room.

Used together with supporting facilities in the form of toilets and bathrooms. For each guest, towels and bed linen are provided. Just by paying a rate of around Rp100,000 per night all that you can get. And you can also get breakfast from the hotel.
Amazing Cabin Bali Location

Located in the strategic location of amazing cabin Bali, and also known as the Backpacker area, Poppies Lane. You can find the full address of the amazing cabin located at Poppies Lane 2.Gang Mangga, Number 3 Kuta.

Very close to Kuta beach this location is located. To get to the beach you can walk about 300 meters. It is about half a minute from Kuta Square. It is about 1.9 miles from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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