A unique place to eat the fairy tale of Cafe Gardin my Bistro you visit while you are in Bali

The place to eat is called Cafe Gardin this Bistro is one of the cafés that is Jin and is known to many people because of its interesting atmosphere. Offering a fairytale feel is a style of this Gardin Bistro. You can see the park from inside the building because this building is decorated with glass and the restaurant is widely uploaded by severe tourists in their Instagram account because it is very beautiful.

Many cafes that interior design is unique at the moment now and very well known to many people. Cafe like that is the target of young tourists. Because so many of these young people don’t go to their media Social accounts, which is why a model like this is widely known to people.
This café is interesting for us to take pictures because this café is designed by Gothic in the medieval era. Disney movies are one of the interiors that are like dancing. It has a cheerful impression of a colorful sofa pillow table and the chair is also vintage style. There is a lush green garden right behind this café.

You will be at home in this restaurant because the room was so comfortable and beautiful. Behind Kang Cafe is also a greenhouse-like a fairy tale country. You like photos or photos, this place deserves to take pictures. In the back of the café, there is also a report where there can also be as relaxed as there.
Many young people are interested in this café because the design is so unique that it is so strong its appeal for the young. Many foreign tourists also come here to other local tourists. In addition to the delicious interior of this restaurant is the attraction of many visitors and the guests also feel comfortable.

The Food Menu is in the Café Gading distro

The cuisine is a fusion dish of local Balinese and international cuisine which is then served internationally that is offered by this coffee. You deserve to try it with this unique combination that has recommended some of its menu, one of which is Appetizer foie gras with manggis salak pure, foie gras combined with mangosteen and Salak which is a typical Indonesian fruit, the result is a soft foie gras, buttery plus a fresh sweet-sour flavor.

Fried Shrimp and mango salad blend crispy prawns and sweet mango have a unique flavor in the mouth. Also, there is a seafood menu namely escargot (slug with butter). Braised beef Cheek soft meat is guaranteed to make the bean. Asian glazed orange and honey turkey breast menu are rarely found but still have a taste that you should try. Make a vegetarian also there is the tempeh Reuben, Sandwich Tempe. In this café, there is also an all-day brunch menu that is potato Balado egg, Benedict. For drinks, there are high tea or cocktail (alcoholic or not). For the relative price and according to the dishes served.

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