A romantic stay in the middle of the rice terraces of Cahaya Ubud Villa

In Bali, it is not very difficult to find romantic lodging at a cheap price. To spend romantic vacation time or the middle of a honeymoon in Ubud Villa can be an alternative for couples who have both plans. Only Rp 700.000 You can stay in this place.

This * Two-label Inn is just a point in even if it’s not less than a 3 or 4-star hotel because the level of comfort that the hotel provides to its guests is no less. A charming inn with a view of the green rice fields is specially crafted to provide such an atmosphere.
Ubud Villa This makes your holiday truly feel the vacation in a green natural setting. That way you no longer need to think about the office work that is so stacked up. You can relax and unwind with the atmosphere that makes your mind that way.

Facilities in Cahaya Ubud Villa

Although this is a 2-star hotel, this Cahaya Ubud Villa is not an ordinary 2-star hotel. This is evidenced by the entertainment facilities in the form of an outdoor pool that is usually equipped with facilities by this hotel. This fun activity for guests is relaxing by the pool.
Located by the pool there is also a Gazebo in that position. You can choose a place to relax at your own pace with many choices. Late in the afternoon or the morning, the atmosphere in the pool will feel more romantic. You can enjoy views of the rising sun or famous as you relax.

This budget Hotel is quite standard for other facilities already provided. Hotel with green nature View although the hotel is in the label as a 2-star hotel.

Rates for a stay at Cahaya Ubud Villa

Rooms are not many choices that we can meet in the Cahaya Ubud Villa of Ubud Villa Bali this. There will be two select options that you can choose from. Each villa in this place is equally coupled with access to the outdoor swimming pool. Don’t expect to get a private pool yes. Understandably, the rate of stay at this hotel is also not too expensive.
The first room choice is One Bedroom Villa. This room is kept with a stay of Sbsar IDR 705.000, per night. The room is spacious, reaching 48 square meters. From the room, You will be able to see the green scenery directly.
If you come with a full family member, you can also choose to use a double bed villa. The size of this villa room is much larger, reaching 100 square meters. Inside there is a bed with 1 queen bed and 1 single bed. The rate of RP1, 2 million per night.

Location of Cahaya Ubud Villa
This romantic Inn is located on Jl. Sok Wayah, Ubud, Gianyar. The location is approximately 4 kilometers from the city center. It offers a tranquil countryside setting. Very suitable for holiday time.

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