Riding camel in Bali with Camel Safari

On Bali Island, There is one provider that provides a camel tour called Bali Camel Safari. Camels are animals that live in the desert he has a large high body very tough, and usually, he becomes a means of transportation in the desert especially in Middle Eastern countries now you can witness and also feel riding the camel in Bali after you have activities on the waterfront then riding a camel is one of the current options.

This camel provided by Bali Camel Safari is for rent for the tourists, you can hire it there is used to walk by the beach enjoy its beautiful beach is one way of the holiday to cool too.

During the holidays in Bali activities that are commonly scheduled or routine by the tourists do is visit the temple enjoying the natural mountains of the lake, the paddy fields, and the beach nature tourism. The tour is already very common in Bali that has made a popular choice and is very popular for tourists who come to Bali. Then you will feel different when you are in Bali camel tourism Entertainment, you can get closer to the camel known to the animals who only live in the desert. Stroll with a camel while exploring the beautiful white sand of Sawangan Nusa Dua in the South Bali area that can give you a very special experience during your holiday here. Many people use this camel to carry out prewedding photos for tourists or local Balinese residents.

Riding camel on Sawangan beach Nusa Dua Bali
Located behind the Hilton Bali Resort, Badung Regency, South Kuta District, Sawangan Nusa Dua Beach, you will surely be curious if you haven’t tried it yet. Location is a very strategic camel that is imported from Australia.

In the South Bali Island is located in Nusa Dua which has a coastal area, the water is very clear and so quiet suitable for you to relax or swim, enjoy the edge with a stroll to enjoy the beauty especially if you are riding the camel, invite families and children will surely show the height of the ostrich is approximately 2 meters.
You will be accompanied by an experienced camel handler from the start of your camel ride and drive around Sawangan Beach attraction. Before you ride the camel This beast will be told to sit or Kneeling in the sand so that you can ride on its back then the passenger will ride on the back of the camel because the camel at the front of the foot will be first then the passengers will feel to fall back. If you want to capture a photo as you ride a camel and explore the beach with a camel ask for onions to take a photo of yourself.

The distance from Ngurah Rai Airport to Sawangan Beach, where the camel rides can be enjoyed, it takes about 30 minutes driving. You can rent a car in Bali to go to this tourist attraction in South Bali, also with the driver, and package your trip to other attractions that are direct and nearby such as Tanjung Benoa Beach attractions, Pandawa Beach, Gwk and Uluwatu, become a fun tour package with the path to the South Bali area.

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