Travel to Campuhan Hill Ubud In Gianyar

Bali Island offers a variety of beauty, especially on its famous beach. As in the coastal coast of Kuta Tanjung Benoa and Jimbaran, which offers natural scenery and beaches. But there is one location that is not so common has a view of the Valley Hill and the expanse of pasture, this will bring the tourists to have an extraordinary experience namely Campuhan Hill Ubud.

The location of Campuhan Hill Ubud is located in Gianyar Regency, you can choose your tourist destination here in addition to the beach or sea tourism, surely you will have a different experience on holiday in Bali either with your family friends or your best friend. In Gianyar, this natural recreation that became his Primadona because the atmosphere is very romantic can complement your honeymoon place in Bali.

The tourist site of Campuhan Hill Ubud in Gianyar is a very beautiful location of the scenery that provides so beautiful nature for you to enjoy, especially when you are alone with couples because it is a very romantic place. To enjoy all this beauty you are not charged any free alias. Because the location of this place is so strategic and easy to reach, so this is usually a tour package by Travel when the goal is close to the center of Ubud in Gianyar Bali.

The attractions at Campuhan Hill Ubud Gianyar Bali.
The wide variety that is presented in the Ubud tourism area in Gianyar becomes a very special area for tourists and tourists from abroad and locally. Campuhan Gianyar Hill Probably no one thought that this is a small hill, because of the natural scenery that beautiful with the path of the trail is ideal for recreation or light trekking.

In this area you are one of the ancient temples of the Bee Mountain, then the area is also known or called by the name of Hill Mountain Valley, the beauty of the scenery that makes one tourist attraction in Bali that you must visit and very compulsory. This tourist location is located behind a hotel, Campuhan Hill Ubud is very hidden because there is no signage as a sign of the location. Perhaps this is the cause of this location is not very famous by tourists who come to Bali, this location is not less important as various attractions in Bali, the scenery served by the area of Campuhan Hill Ubud has a beautiful scenery can refresh your eyes and mind. For those of you who love adventure or nature recreation then this hill is the one that is suitable for you to visit.

Bukit Campuhan Ubud Attractions in Gianyar has a jogging track that can only be accessed by walking or by bicycle because there are some stairs to get to this area, so the motor vehicle enough parking in the place provided.

The track path for the trekking is just above the hill with a width of about 1.5 meters and a path length of about 2 km. The streets of Bali especially if you are and planning a visit to Ubud would be a pity to miss this place. The holiday and tour to the Ubud is a natural recreation place that can complement your tour agenda.

Along the trek down the trekking trail above the Campuhan Hill, you will be treated to views of the surrounding hills that meet the surface of the hill. Mount Bees are also flanked by two tributaries, so the valley is created with the lush tropical trees, in the distance seen a bunch of palm trees and expanse of paddy fields beautifully presented, in the other parts are seen many hotels and villas on the cliffs of the hill.

This tourist destination in Ubud Gianyar is quiet and comfortable, free of air pollution, natural and refreshing, a romantic place for honeymoon couples or honeymooners. The attractions of Campuhan Hill Ubud, are located in the sacred area of the Temple of Mount Bees, so that you visit here, especially the couple youth maintain ethics as it enters the Holy region which is certainly sacred to the locals. Keep the cleanliness and dispose of garbage in the place that has been provided, because no standby attendant is cleaning this place.

The tourist attraction of Campuhan Hill is known by other names such as the Hill of Mount Bees, Bukit Cinta, and by foreign tourists known as Campuhan Ridge Walk, many versions of the name, probably because no signboard is displayed on the tourist attractions in this Bali. There is no free admission fee to visit here. If you want to trek with a bicycle, you can easily rent it in Ubud, the cost of a rental fee of Rp 20,000.

Access to Campuhan Hill Ubud in Gianyar
If you depart from the Kuta direction, it takes about 1 hour by car, look for the center of Ubud, because from here it only takes 5 minutes to the main road to the west, look for the Ibah hotel which is located on the right of the road (before the Campuhan River Bridge), take the direction to the hotel Ibah (if confused ask Hotel security) then turn left towards a derivative road that will drive you to

Parking on the schoolyard, from the parking lot, has been seen Pura Gunung bees standing on the river Campuhan, walk about 10 meters, the right side of the temple there is access to the tourist attraction of Campuhan Hill, this is the only access to the tourist attractions, you can only walk or with bicycles. A place with a walking destination in Bali that is quite special.





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