Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall woman Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall woman

Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall is one of the newest natural destinations in Bali

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There are so many adventure activities on offer in Bali. Offering a variety of beautiful natural attractions for tourists the existence of Goa Giri Campuhan waterfall is offered. Beautiful waterfalls that will be found by tourists, but to get to…

Savana Tianyar Karangasem Bali two grils Savana Tianyar Karangasem Bali muslim

This is an exotic meadow against the backdrop of Mount Agung which is Savana Tianyar Karangasem Bali

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In Bali which offers so many tourist attractions is Karangasem regency which is very famous. You can find all kinds of attractions here. So try visiting Savana tianyar Karangasem, for those of you who love the natural and beautiful scenery.…

Gianyar Keramas Beach Bali walking Gianyar Keramas Beach Bali from sky

Must try Surfing On the black sand beach at Gianyar Keramas Beach Bali

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It will be confusing when you are on holiday in Bali in choosing which beach is good and great with your holiday in Bali. For big waves, surfers will be specially considered, on the island of Bali you can find…