Luxury lodging that is also very privacy in Bali namely Cocoa Ubud Private Villa

Get a full privacy deposit staying at this villa. Then you will get her while staying at Cocoa Ubud private Villa when you stay here. Given a quiet rest time guarantee and away from many distractions that’s the atmosphere around the Villa. Therefore you will be able to enjoy a very satisfying holiday.

This Villa also provides a guarantee of facilities that are so completely other than the tranquility. Having an equivalent service Bin 4-star hotel is the inn Cocoa Ubud private Villa Bali. Provided with full of hospitality by the waiter for his guest.
Facilities of Cocoa Ubud Private Villa

Get some facilities that make you more map when you stay in this villa. You will be given a Welcome Drink when coming first. You can also get free drinking water that can be found in the kitchen area and internet access for 24 hours nonstop.

By cleaning the management is not very always maintained. Cleanliness of the building awake for 24 hours some officers will turn it off. There is free parking when tourists come with their private vehicles. A shuttle service provided by the Villa when you need a pickup from the airport.

Room choices and rates at Cocoa Ubud Private Villa

There are 2 types of villas offered by this luxury lodging, namely:

Cocoa Private Pool Villa

Giving the impression of a luxurious lodging building is one of the pillars given. Equipped with a private pool you will get full-fledged building privacy. It is suitable for you who want the kind of entertainment or with whom you are on vacation. Can start the holidays with the family, with the couple, or also with the group of offices or other friends.
There are several four-choice inns for this Cocoa Private Pool Villa. There is a Villa with 3 rooms, with 2 rooms, with 3 rooms that are 4 choices of the villa, and the last one there is a Villa that is quite special for a family equipped with 2 beds.

It has complete facilities in the Villa. Used as a cooking place you find the kitchen area that makes it possible to do so. There is a dining area, kitchenware and a refrigerator are also available, as well as a hairdryer. With a price of approximately 1.2 million USD per night that’s the price, you can get.

The Joglo Villa

Joglo Private Pool Villa is the next choice. With a more modern interior design Villa, This one has a difference in that design. And also equipped by the Villa’s private pool, this and indeed very suitable when vacationing and staying here with a couple or a legitimate family.
With 2 choices This Villa is available, that is with 1 room and also with 2 rooms. Compared with Cocoa private Villa The travel story is also no less complete. With a range of 1.1 million Rupiah per night that you can get when you stay in this type of Villa.

Location of Cocoa Ubud Private Villa

The property is located at Jl. Cocoa II Number 80, Banjar Bunutan, Kedewatan, Ubud Bali. The location is quite strategic, as it is adjacent to several tourist attractions and public facilities. You only need to drive for about 10 minutes to get to the Blanco Museum, Ubud Market, or Ubud Castle. Meanwhile, if you want to the Neka Museum, it is only 5 minutes drive.

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