The hotel that has a traditional Javanese nuance is in the middle of the beauty of the Dewata Island Hotel Tugu Bali

Who said if it is difficult to find this Javanese Joglo style hotel? Then you should visit the Hotel Tugu Bali. Concurrently as the boutique Hotel, Hotel Tugu is a 5-star hotel, and every corner of the room has an aesthetic. Giving a comfortable impression to the guests that is the architecture of this typical Java island-building.

Decorated with paintings or photos of the building is connected with corridors, which is the characteristic of a typical Javanese house. Using wooden materials and decorations like Keraton Jogjakarta almost all over the building. And decorated plants that are green and also refreshing that is Hotel Tugu Bali.
Several Facilities that must be tried during the stay at Hotel Tugu

To entertain guests with dance and music there is a pendopo in the middle of the hotel building. There are Garuda statues as Kon in the center of the Pendopo. It has a table chair and Bale-Bale located on the beachside of Batu Bolong beach. There are interesting spots to see sunset and sunrise, then there is also The Lawn which is a greenfield on the shore.

There are also restaurants, outdoor swimming pools, spas, museums, antique galleries, and dining venues. What will make you interesting is if you order with the dining venue menu then you will feel like in the era of Majapahit kingdom where you will be treated like a king served by the people, and also servants to soldiers.
There is also an afternoon-name meal for guests to enjoy wherever you are even in the room, done every afternoon. Feel calm and relaxing during a holiday on the island of the gods that you can get in such away.

Some room options and rates Hotel Tugu Bali

With the room Dedari suite and Rejang Suite, that’s two types of rooms that are in Hotel Tugu Bali and have 21 rooms. Located on the lower floors and has private pool access that is the room type Dedari the Suite. There are also some facilities available in this Suite of the sofa, cupboard, dressing table, private pool, and others. Because some part of the bathroom there is open then for the bathroom is semi-outdoor. You will also find the lazy swing being at the side of the pond.
With a private balcony overlooking the sea and an additional private spa, the Rejang Suite is located on the top floor. Owned by Rejang Suite is a cupboard facility, additional day bed, small living room, dressing table, working desk, etc.

For the price of a stay at Hotel Tugu Bali is from Rp 3.700.000 to Rp 6.700.000 per night.

The location of Hotel Tugu Bali

Hotel Tugu Bali is located in Batu Bolong Beach Road, Canggu Beach, Bali. The closest tourist attraction is Batu Bolong beach. You will enjoy all the facilities without having to go to other attractions that you will probably feel satisfied with only stay at Hotel Tugu Bali. That makes the Hotel atmosphere quite soothing is because of the limited number of rooms. You can also feel the private beach of Batu Bolong because of the entrance through Hotel Tugu Bali.





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