Dolphin watching the dolphins in North Bali Sea

Dolphin Tour is a trip with this tourist destination to North Bali with the destination of Lovina beach that has a duration of 1 full day, packed in a price quote without a hotel. The natural recreation places in Bali this one is indeed become the most hits and popular tourist destinations in the North Bali tourism area or Buleleng regency, so it becomes the main destination of the tour, both for foreign and domestic tourists on the island of Bali

To follow this dolphin tour you better stay in the tourism area of Lovina only, because you do not have to bother to get up early to start the tour, because from the direction of the airport, then from South Bali such as Kuta and Nusa Dua, it takes about 2.5 hours of travel, and at 03.30 Wita you have to depart because the dolphin-watching attractions started around 06.00 Wita.

See Dolphin attractions in the ocean off Lovina Beach tourism attraction Buleleng as a destination for leisure and adventure. All you have to note is that the tour booking is suggested early especially when the holidays arrive, as the boat activity to watch the dolphin is very crowded, and there is a full possibility.

If you want to take the Dolphin tour, then at least your dolphin boat ticket is already held. At Lovina Beach, Buleleng is a very popular destination for watching dolphins in the wild.

See and enjoy a group of dolphins and jump and have attractions in some places along the coastal waters of Lovina Buleleng, make a boat that has been a stand by racing to pursue and watch the dolphin attraction.

When you will travel for Dolphin tour with destination to Lovina Beach or North Bali tourism area, then the tour journey through the tourist route of Bedugul then Gitgit, but after his visit watched Dolphin through Kintamani by visiting several tourist spots on the line, such as Kintamani, Tirta Empul Tampaksiring and lastly to the Monkey forest or Monkey forest in Ubud.

The combination of Dolphin tour travel is quite interesting because in addition to Lovina as the main destination you can also visit the tourism object of Kintamani and a number of other natural recreation places in the city of Ubud.

Dolphin Tour to the tourist attraction of Lovina beach Buleleng
This travel package invites you to watch the attractions of dolphins, we see in the natural loose by way of a motorboat ride, the price of the tour is cheaper. It will be different if you visit Serangan or to Keramas beach that can swim with a dolphin, because the animals are kept on a swimming pool near the beach, there are similarities but not the same. But it seems to witness the natural direct attraction of this smart animal will be more interesting and provide a valuable holiday experience.

For pickup watch the Dolphin tour to the North Bali area is at 03.00 Wita, the time can be adjusted according to the place of stay, and following recreation places and attractions or recreational places visited.

Things to do in Lovina beach
We will go directly to the tourist site, namely Lovina Beach Buleleng, to take a boat around 06.00 watches the dolphin until around 08.00. The presence of dolphins is almost certain every morning it appears to the surface. It is very fun to enjoy the show that the dolphin in the free nature with the sunrise from the ocean release will be a quite sensational treat, the nature tourism destination of the adventure is a popular tourist destination, although the dolphin is wild or sea-free, its presence on the beach of Lovina up to 95%, so still can not be guaranteed always there. In Lovina Beach This indeed presents a beautiful panorama of nature besides dolphin attractions and treats sunrise, the water is also clear so it is ideal for snorkeling recreation. When you decide to take a vacation to the north of Bali, the dolphin attraction in Lovina is a must-see.





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