Tourist attractions in Bali that you can enjoy by driving a motorbike

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Tourist attractions in Bali that you can enjoy by driving a motorbike

Bali is the best place for tourists and excursions. And become the prettiest island to be a holiday destination. Many interesting places to visit.

If you belong to one of the interested tourists for a vacation to Bali, then you can try to use a motorcycle as the main vehicle to get to the tourist site. Is it not troublesome to use the motor as the main vehicle for the location? Not precisely you will be able to enjoy comfortably for future beautiful places. Here are our Rekomendai tourist spots that you can visit by riding a motorcycle.

5 enjoyable tourist sites to visit by motorbike.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Many say the lowland area in Bali especially the beach has a very interesting and beautiful view to be enjoyed. It is not only Kuta and Sanur beach that has the beauty of nature in Bali. So there are many locations that you can visit including one of them is Jatiluwih Rice Terrace.

The expanse of rice paddy fields or commonly referred to as Jatiluwih terraces in Penebel village, Tabanan Regency is a popular tourist spot in Bali and very popular. If in Ubud rice terraces are just a few hectares, while in Jatiluwih very wide stretched as far as the eyes to reach hundreds of hectares, because so wide you will only be able to see Hamaparan rice fields only.

UNESCO has already established to be a cultural heritage site from 2012, surely you will not be disappointed to come to Jatiluwih. Using the motor is a great way to enjoy it because the air is so fresh in Tabanan, the Undak and the rice fields are a very amazing sight. Do not forget to prepare a raincoat and adequate physical preparation because the location of the city of Denpasar is 50 kilometers.

Panglipuran Traditional Village

Because you are using a motorcycle then try to visit the very strong places in the customs and culture. Panglipuran Traditional village is one of the villages that must be visited because of the title of the best village in the world. Because one is the absence of garbage scattered, the village is indeed very unusual for hygiene problems.

Panglipuran Traditional village is 45 kilometers from Bali located in the village of Kubu, Bangli District, Bangli Regency. You should stay in the Kintamani area because the trip will pass through the highlands of Bali. Motorcycle You drive Please in parking in the garage, because it has to walk in Panglipuran.

Lake Batur

You will get a challenge while riding a motorcycle through the use and fun experience. The view of the green and the air is very cool, it is a motorcycle driver will not feel tired. In the northern part of Bali is the best tourist area for a motorcycle tour.

Mountain and Lake Batur are some of the locations that you must visit. Because the lake Batur has a location inside the caldera volcano Batur and including the active mountain. If you are a motocross lover Mount Batur is a great location for you to conquer, here is a motocross rental.

Lake Bratan

Lake Bratan is the one you must visit while in Bali. This lake is also one of the dubs most beautiful lake in Bali, whose location is in the Bedugul area of Candikuning village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, which is at an altitude of 1,240 masl and the temperature reaches 18 degrees then you should use a jacket to protect yourself.

Although the lake Bratan is not as wide as Batur Lake, many ends to come there. Because of its many water sports including the parasailing. Heading to Bratan your motorcycle will cross the Denpasar-Singaraja provincial Road, and when the time is sufficient then visit the fruit and vegetable market and the Bedugul Botanical Garden.

Melasti Ungasan Beach

In Bali, the southern part of the beach is very beautiful. Visit Melasti Beach in Ungasan because this beach is not too crowded and beautiful. From Kuta Beach, it has a distance of about 22 kilometers. Melasti Beach is very suitable to visit with a motorcycle.

You will be enchanted when you see the many very natural limestone cliffs along the way you will be crossed. You will not be bored because you are enjoying the very exotic scenery by motorbike driving.

From the 5 locations we reviewed, wouldn’t it be very interesting to travel in Bali using motorcycles that don’t bore you? You may have an interesting, enjoyable, and very fun experience while touring Bali with a motorbike. No need to worry about many motorbike rentals in Bali at a cheap rate.

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