Epic Fail: Alleged burglar slides in, slides out of Canggu cell phone store

Sure, we’re blissful to see Canggu brimming with life as of late. However let this incident – albeit a comedic one in the long run – be a reminder that crime should still lurk within the space.

A person was caught on digicam yesterday sliding via the slim opening of a rolling door at what he thought was an empty cellphone retailer in Canggu. Unluckily for him, the shop was not empty in any respect.

The storekeeper, who was resting behind the counter, instantly stood up after listening to the metallic rattling. The alleged would-be thief, wearing all black, instantly froze. 

As if taken from a comedy skit, the 2 locked eyes with one another whereas the thief mumbled one thing earlier than he slid again out of the shop. The storekeeper might be heard asking him questions as he dashed away.

The clip has gone viral after it was reposted by a number of area people accounts on Instagram.

Some discovered the clip comical whereas others mentioned that they have been relieved the storekeeper was not damage.

Now we have reached out to the native police to ask whether or not they would launch an investigation into the alleged housebreaking try.

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