Flyboard Bali is a slightly extreme sport for you

Telling the story of the beauty of the island’s Marine gods, Bali is never endless. The island presents a magnificent view in a unique way. You can enjoy the tourism of forest, sea, history, and even cultural tourism in Indonesia in this place.

Every part of Bali Island has its charm. One of the enchanting locations and water sport activities Center in Bali is Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua Bali.

Many kinds of very interesting water tourism activities that can be done here like walking under the sea scuba diving, Sea Walker even do Flyboard.

Flyboard activities in Bali Nusa Dua
Flyboard activities in Bali are one of the water sports that are not too long. This attraction is very challenging for you. Playing flyboarding in Bali is carried out using a special tool designed for the water named Flyboard (Flying Board).

The rocket is used in water and is connected by a large house to the seawater Meyedot and melted through the board. With a Jet ski tool that carries the flying Board to the middle of the sea.

A tool similar to the skateboard board will encourage the users of the Flyboard.

The Flyboard in Bali Nusa Dua has always been the target of tourists coming. Many tourists come from inside and outside the country to be able to enjoy this new and exciting game.

Flyboard games in Bali become very crowded will tour every day. This adrenaline-challenged game will bring participants to fly high above the sea level of Tanjung Benoa beach. The game is performed using a proven safety standard.

The participants will then wear shoes connected to the Jetski to fly high into the sky. You can enjoy the beauty of Bali beach approximately 10 meters altitude.

The place to do Flyboard in Bali there is two places. The first place is in Sanur Beach and the second location is in Tanjung Benoa. At both points of the location, you can do the flyboard by being guided by experienced guides.

Most people prefer to do Flyboard games in Tanjung Benoa because the water game here is more complete than any other place. There you will not only be presented with the game Flyboard only. However, you can also choose and enjoy other water games such as Diving and Sea Walker.

Flyboard Bali Price
For the Flyboard price in Bali. You only have to pay Rp. 375 thousand per person. If you pay by using the publish rate or the public price, you will be charged Rp 950.000,-. This water sport is more expensive than Diving and Sea Walker.

It is because the equipment used is quite expensive. In the former, flyboarding equipment providers in Bali are few. Because of the high flyboard enthusiasts made a lot of parties that then provided equipment for Flyboard games.

Then the Flyboard game in Bali does not reach millions of rupiahs.

The location of Flyboard Bali itself is precisely in the waters of Tanjung Benoa. Precisely at Watersport Ciwa Sampurna Jalan Pratama.

The easy way to get to the location is that you can use GPS or Google maps. Travel can by riding a motorbike rental in Bali or also can rent a car in Bali.

You will play this exciting game in approximately 15 minutes. Within these 15 minutes, your adrenaline will be tested. Participants who can join this water sport at least 17 years old and maximum aged 65 years.

The facilities that you can get when doing sports Flyboard Bali This cheap price is a comfortable dressing room, safe locker, shower, as well as clean towels provided by the service provider Flyboarding.

Participants were also equipped with a life jacket. The fare for flyboarding is included in the instructor’s price and equipment performed during the game.

Then Flyboard in Bali will not make you no need to buy Flyboard equipment by yourself. Good and friendly operators will always help you who are having difficulties in doing this water sport.

Cancellation due to weather
If incidentally, you want to do flyboarding but the weather does not support, then the flyboarding game will be canceled by the service provider for the safety and security of the participant.

The service provider will refund your money 100% when canceling the flyboarding due to unsupportive weather. The unsupportive weather is unpredictable.

The weather changes that come without this notice may be a little disappointing to you. However, you can wait until the weather improves back to start doing this water sport

If you want to do the Flyboard sports Bali Price, then you should prepare a few things. Bring a swimsuit or a dressing suit, shorts, a sun cream, and sunglasses. It is very important to be prepared considering that this water game is sure to smell will make you soaked and must change clothes.

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