French culinary venues in Bali

Visiting Bali Island becomes a mandatory thing that must be done for you who feel a traveler. A holiday to Bali we will not lose that from the culinary. If you are looking for a different meal when you are vacation in Bali, now on Bali Island there is a restaurant with a very different menu. The menu takes its menu from the French state cuisine.

Finding a typical French culinary is not very easy, but it will pay off with unparalleled satisfaction. What is the typical French food Menu that has the taste of stirring the tongue? To answer your curiosity, check out the descriptions below.

Typical French cuisine in Bali
Monsieur Spoon

The French state is very famous for its delicious bread food. French bread is a well-known dish that is the bread from the Monsieur Spoon store in Bali. Shaking is famous for its bread delights, in Bali has even opened branches up to 4 stores. There are already 2 branches in the district in Bali, 1 store in Gianyar Regency, and 3 stores in Badung Regency.

In this shop, there are many variants of flavors presented, among them are Croissant, Croque Monsieur & Mademe, Painau Chocolate, Painau Raisins, Salads, bagels, Brioche, and many other variants of delicious flavor typical French bread. The prices are also varied and the most important is the price will not drain too many pockets.

French Kitchen Bali

If you are looking for delicious French food at an affordable price. French Kitchen Bali is the answer. In this place, you will not find a place to eat with luxurious equipment, a chandelier ala café, or the luxury of the like. However, when eating at this French restaurant then you will find a very satisfying service.

Ju Ma Na

Next, there is the next French restaurant called Ju Ma Na which is a fine dining restaurant and has been awarded by Bayan Tree Ungasan. The location of this restaurant is in a unique location that is above the southernmost cliff in Bali. This decoration is very modern and has a direct view of the natural beauty of Bali.

Meals are provided using French specialties coupled with a Japanese-style twist. Fantastic isn’t it? If you visit this place, you will have a wonderful experience with the service of a fine dining restaurant in Bali.

Pearl French Restaurant

In Arjuna Street, there is a Pearl French restaurant that has a distinctive flavor with the combination of food between French delights with Bali. Presented in a luxurious and dynamic form. The restaurant serves a sophisticated menu but made with local produce.

Metis Restaurant

If you are looking for a French place to eat with friends, Metis Restaurant is the solution. In this place, besides being able to taste a delicious French cuisine super-duper, can also create memories. Metis Restaurant has a lounge and a gallery that can be used to relax and eat French cuisine.

The restaurant is located at Petitenget No. 6 Kerobokankelod, Kuta, Bali. Visitors from this fine dining restaurant can also enjoy the panoramic views of Bali’s nature which is very romantic and seen from the chairs that are on the lawn. Recommended!

Folie Kitchen Patisserie

Restaurant owner Folie Kitchen Patisserie is Chef Stephane who loves French cuisine but combined with spicy Asian specialties. So, it creates a fusion dish in Folie Bali. The restaurant located at Jalan Subak Sari 30A, Canggu, Bali has a menu that has an affordable price for the people of Indonesia.

The portion served also includes a large portion so it can be enjoyed with the people closest to you. In addition to French cuisine with Asian cuisine, you can also find delicious pastries at Folie Kitchen Patisserie.

Cafe Mocha

Cafe Moka is a restaurant that is in Bali and provides some typical French bread. Located on Jalan Raya Sanggingan No. 88X, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. The wide variety of bread that is in this restaurant is very desirable to visitors for those who are vegetarians or are undergoing a diet program, this restaurant is the best invasion for them.
There are several variants of bread that are provided in Cafe Moka restaurant, namely Baguette, Campaignroll, Danis roll, Painau Chocolate, Apple Chausson, Muffin, and many more types of bread with its delights. The price is also very easy to reach for the people of Indonesia.

So some dining recommendations or restaurants serving a variety of French cuisine. Bali Culinary Tour is complete, the proof you can enjoy the typical French cuisine of the country without a long way to go to the country of France. This delicious French cuisine can give you a new sensation in your mouth.

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