Must try Surfing On the black sand beach at Gianyar Keramas Beach Bali

It will be confusing when you are on holiday in Bali in choosing which beach is good and great with your holiday in Bali. For big waves, surfers will be specially considered, on the island of Bali you can find on various beaches. Keramas Gianyar Beach may be one of the beaches you should consider.

Quite very frequented by surfers this beach is one of the beaches in Gianyar Regency. On this beach is quite a high wave roll that you can get. Compared to other beaches on the island of Bali, the view of the beach that you can see while on the sacred beach is also no less mesmerizing.
This is the Uniqueness of Gianyar Keramas Beach

There are several beach points that you can find that may be quite interesting from Keramas Beach. There are 4 points on this beach that you will be able to find. Betuah Beach people often call it keramas beach 1. Known by the name of selukat beach this is the sacred beach 2. And there is also Keramas Beach 4 and Sesa beach.

The history of the naming is unique that you can find from keramas beach. A long time ago this place spawned golden turtles, he said, that this beach was named after kuramas beach by the locals. But in the end, it turned out that the existence of the golden turtle was lost and is currently replaced by shampooing. It was renamed Keramas Beach.
Keramas Beach still offers its charm even though it can no longer witness the presence of golden turtles. With a size of 12 by 26 meters in 3 m that you will find to the existence of the pond. You can invite belly interaction directly when you find the presence of the dolphin.

While you’re at Keramas Beach, you can also try surfing. Reaching 2 meters the size of a large wave, that’s what you will find on this beach. You can do surfing activities or Surf In the evening at Keramas Beach is also the only location for that.

Between June and October, there will be surfing activities that are usually done. After the full moon or before this activity is carried out for 4 days. In conquering the high wave reels you can find surfboard rental services as well as floodlights that are specifically a means of illuminating surfers.

Here’s The Location of Keramas Gianyar Beach
There is a stone split of Keramas Beach that you can find in keramas village, Gianyar Regency. It is easy to reach to this tourist access, we can go down Jalan By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra.
No need to pay admission when you visit Keramas Beach. Whenever you are free to visit this beach. Enjoying the afternoon vacation time you can choose this beach when wanting to jog in the morning.

Not far from Keramas Beach you can find a row of other tourist attractions. Not far from Keramas Beach you can find gumicik beach, Manyar beach, and Purnama Beach. You can also visit or stop by Taman Nusa, Safari and Marine Park or Tegenungan Bali waterfall.

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