Swim in the natural swimming pool on the edge of the Guyangan Cliff Springs Nusa Penida

You want to feel the sensation of soaking above the height of the cliff if you go to Guyangan Nusa Penida that is the location that you should be aiming to feel the sensation. In addition to the soak and the sensation of swimming you get you can also feel the beauty of the sea that looks so perfect over the height of your place to soak.

Unlike other natural tourism in Bali, this is Guyangan spring Nusa Penida. Facing directly to the sea is the location that sits on the cliff’s lips that is the cause that is a differentiator than other tourism in Bali. Because the more amazed the scenery that the tourists can enjoy that is the unique charm that makes this attraction make a lot of people curious.
The location is indeed at the edge of the cliff, to get there is very draining and also very stressful and certainly fast out but all of them will pay off later. Down the Queen, the stairs were built sticking to the wall of the cliff that the visitors had to do first.

Because beneath this cliff, the vast waves of the Indian Ocean are waiting for you, so the journey down the stairs needs to be careful. With a slope angle of almost 80 degrees and the stairs are about 450 meters up to the spring of Nusa Penida Guyangan.

This may be the natural swimming pool special Spring Nusa Penida

It will be paid off when arriving at the location of Nusa Penida’s preferred springs due to the adrenaline rush during the stair writing. The water flowing from the cliff is the origin of the flow. There is also a waterfall that mentions Guyangan spring.
Accommodated on a pond the flow of this water. While enjoying the beauty of the vast sea stretches visitors can soak and relax on this pond. It won’t be found elsewhere with a stressful yet activating experience like this. Usually, the water spring of Nusa Penida is used daily by residents. It hasn’t been much utilized with the maximum and is often wasted to the sea that water is abundant with water discharge reaching 120 liters per second. To the houses of the population because of this constraints machine pump limitation.
Because of this very perfect location for tourism activities, it is therefore developed for tourist purposes only. Being one of the favorite locations that tourists are always visited there is nothing to think of the tourism object of Guyangan spring to be like it.

And if you’ve been satisfied with fresh water, then prepare yourself again to spur adrenaline because it will climb the stairs up. To enjoy the beauty of nature make sure you are in a prime state and a remarkable Fit in the springs of Guyangan.

Here’s how to get to Nusa Penida Guyangan Spring

The location of Guyangan Springs is in Banjar Guyangan, Batu Kandik Village, Nusa Penida Sub-district, Klungkung Regency. From the port of Nusa Penida, It is about 25 km. You can reach Nusa Penida by speedboat from Sanur about 40 minutes drive or from Coastal pier Pesinggahan for 20 minutes ride.

No need to be able to enjoy the beauty of Nusa Penida Guyangan Springs, because only courage is needed and make sure you can enjoy the beauty of nature that spread so wide enough.





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