Here are 6 restaurants in Bali with special Indonesian Menu that you should visit

Here are 6 restaurants in Bali with special Indonesian Menu that you should visit

Bali is one of the most wanted to be visited by many local and foreign tourists. Many tourists from the countries of this world who visit Bali. And many of the outside tourists who want to poke a typical Indonesian food.It is a must for tourists who visit the area and want to try local food or cuisine. If you are visiting Bali and want to enjoy Indonesian specialties, here’s our recommended restaurant.

Indonesian specialty restaurants on the island of the Gods

Gabah Restaurant & Bar

No need to be surprised when you visit Restaurant & Bar, in this restaurant you can become king even if you are not a king. Because of the menu, Royal Kingdom has become the restaurant’s flagship menu. This Menu serves 22 kinds of typical Indonesian food that is commonly eaten by the royal family.

Not only that, you in this restaurant just sit down sweet and please feel the service for the king. The waiter will prepare all the food menu and you just enjoy it. And you will be presented with traditional dances, you will be forced King of the day.

Kampoeng Bali

Want to enjoy the cuisine and enjoy the culture in Bali at once? Kampoeng Bali is the place. At Pikul 18:00 is the perfect time for you can enjoy it. Because there is a sunset that you can enjoy at Kampoeng Bali. And at 19:00 you can enjoy typical Indonesian food.

The open kitchen has a lot of typical food that you can eat. In addition to the availability of your typical food bise enjoy rindik music and Kecak dances that can make your appetite more increasing.

Bale Shrimp

In Kuta and Ubud Bali Many foods made from shrimp. Here the dining area is floating over the water, which makes the dining atmosphere more enjoyable coupled with beautiful scenery that can make you linger to enjoy the meal. Because all that is presented is a menu of shrimp, shrimp lovers will be a pleasure.

If you are bringing children, there is no need to worry because there is a very wide space for children to play. Children will be able to eat because they can play and run freely. This place became a family favorite restaurant.

Dapur Bunda

This place is a vintage nuance, which makes the atmosphere of eating as in the era of old times. But it turned out that it has a modern design, not inferior to the menu of food very thick typical Indonesian.

There is one menu of reliable food in this restaurant namely Carrot cake, Ratatouille, Tempe, and mango juice. Not only thick with Indonesian cuisine which is very typical but suitable for children.

Sunda Kelapa Restaurant Bali

Nasi Goreng is one of the most sought after food by overseas tourists. So no wonder the restaurant Sunda Kelapa is very much in the visit by tourists to enjoy one of the kinds of Indonesian food. And there is another mainstay menu of fried gurame fish.

Nasi Tumpeng is one of the typical Indonesian food that can only be at the meeting when there are certain major events, then in the restaurant Sunda Kelapa Bali, You can find and enjoy it. And apparently, the menu is its main menu.

Warung Classic

Located in Munduk, this classic Warung has a beautiful view for you to enjoy. Because in this place you can enjoy the sea and the ocean at once. The view is that your appetite will increase. The Menu that you can enjoy is, nasi Campur, chicken satay, fried chicken, etc.

If you want to make your food in this place can also. And you can learn to cook and you can enjoy it instantly. Many tourists also want to taste their dishes.

In Bali, you can find a lot of Indonesian food. In a luxurious restaurant to the stalls that are on the roadside. Because Indonesia has many tribes, the menu is a lot of Indonesian specialties and kayaking will spice.






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