Visit Hidden Canyon in Bali hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati

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Foreign tourists call this hidden Canyon or hidden canyon because it is hidden so it is no wonder tourists call it that way. From the water of the canyon, the river is formed, it is a deep and very narrow valley.
A very heavy and challenging trip often said by tourists who often come to hidden Canyon Beji Guwang not to invite children or adults that recommendation from us. But the view of the gorge is so spectacular in the hidden Canyon Beji Guwang is not able to paint with words.

It used to be a fishing spot utilized by the inhabitants in Beji Guwang Gorge before being a tourist attraction like now. The water shower in the banished Guwang Beji is used for the needs of drinking for the residents.
The activities of the temple’s religious ceremonies are using clean water. To enter it should not be haphazard and very sacred then it is not surprising if the location of hidden Canyon Beji guwang like that. Many tourists come to this hidden Canyon Beji Guwang to observe the photographs then also many are uploaded to the Internet because it does provide such a beautiful nature.
By the village government, hidden Canyon Beji Guwang is managed as a tourist spot that is adequate after the number of tourists who come. There is no admission fee for visitors who come, for the construction of tourist facilities, and for development, a voluntary donation is required.

Here are some tips when you will visit the hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati

  1. To avoid the swift flow of the river should come when the dry season arrives.
  2. For you to explore all three gorges, then the best hour to come is in the morning around 09.00.
  3. It is strongly advised to dress and be polite because this location is very sacred by residents.
  4. Many stalls provide food then you do not need to bring a lot of stock.
    So that you do not get lost should you use the Target from the local people, Udah many Medan that he knew or was through.

Location of Beji Guwang Sukawati

Sukawati Art Market is close to the hidden tourist attraction of the Canyon Beji Guwang. Precisely in Gianyar regency of Bali, Sukawati District, and located in the village of Guwang, because it was newly opened by local people, the condition still not too crowded by visitors. By residents of the hidden area of Beji Guwang, this is an area that is disputed. It takes a very strong physical force on the way to this tourist site because it is heavy and steep.
How to get to the Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati
Visitors can reach the location of Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang within 15 kilometers journey if taken from Gianyar city or 14 kilometers from Denpasar City. The most rapid route from the city of Denpasar is through the bypass Ida Bagus Mantra until it reached the crossroad of Ketewel village.

Then take the path that leads to Highway Ketewel and take the direction to Highway Guwang. Up to the Garuda statue, about 750 meters later there is Pura Dalem. The parking Area of Pura Dalem is quite spacious and is a car park. After parking the vehicle, proceed by walking to Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati.

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