4 The best-hidden waterfalls in Buleleng Bali

Sekumpul Waterfalls
The location of Sekumpul waterfalls in Lemukih, Buleleng, and the location is a bit hidden, but so it is, the scenery will surely amaze you! To arrive, Buddy can visit Sekumpul village, Sawan sub-district, Buleleng regency.

There are 7 waterfalls gathered in one area, as the name suggests, with a high altitude reaching 100 meters.

It’s quite interesting, besides the famous Sekumpul. This waterfall has a variety of designations. Residents refer to it as loading waterfall while foreign tourists know it as Seven Points Waterfall.

To reach Sekumpul waterfalls, it is needed a quite tiring struggle. You will have to walk from the entrance counter via a 300-meter down footpath coupled with plenty of slippery stairs.

Then, you also have to cross the river that is equivalent to the adult thigh. But relax, the struggle and the fatigue will be paid once you see the scenery of the waterfall.

Entrance tickets are very cheap, as domestic tourists only pay a donation of Rp 2,000 to enter the tourist sites.

Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Wanagiri, Buleleng. If Sekumpul waterfalls are 7 waterfalls that are gathered, Banyu Wana Amertha is a waterfall that streams its water reams.
The water springs of Banyu Wana Amertha, originating directly from the protected forest in Wanagiri Loh. Not surprisingly, the water feels cold, but it is very cool and refreshing.
The one I like the most here, the texture of the cliffs is filled with red moss that makes this waterfall look exotic.
Although it is ‘ newly discovered ‘, you do not have to trouble this waterfall.
To get to this waterfall, you have to travel about 63 km from Denpasar to Wanagiri village. Arriving at the parking lot, you just have to walk through the park to the coffee plantation.
If you plan to visit Banyu Wana Amertha. The admission ticket is only Rp. 10,000.

Aling Aling Waterfalls
The Aling Aling Waterfall is located in Sambangan, Buleleng has a height of 35 meters and the waterfall looks like split into two. The right, the water’s discharge is more so the water flow is more rapid.
The waterfall is also surrounded by cliffs and overgrown by lush greenery, typical of the waterfall atmosphere in general.
Also, right at the bottom of the waterfall, there is a basin that has a depth of 4 meters, so it becomes like a pond. This is what I like, here you can swim or soak and enjoy the fresh of Aling Aling waterfall.
Before reaching the waterfall, we have to walk for 10 minutes from the parking area. The journey will pass through the rice fields and also down hundreds of stairs.
But it does not matter, because along the way you will be treated to a scene that I think cool.
There are also many waterfalls that you can explore, such as Kroya waterfall, twins, Cemara, Pucuk, and Cangina.
The good news also for Buddy, to get to the location, does not incur admission fees, but there is a box for voluntary donations if you want to donate.

Banyumala Water Fall
Banyumala is located in Sukasada, Buleleng, a waterfall that is quite spacious because it stretches 20 meters long. On the left and right side, there is a waterfall that then flanking a large waterfall that is right in the middle.
Beneath the waterfall, there is a naturally occurring hole that has a diameter of 15 meters wide, forming a pond.
The pool is as high as the adult breast so it is safe or can be used for swimming.
To reach Banyumala waterfall you have to walk for 15-30 minutes or approximately 2 km from the entrance counter along the footpath.
The trip also passes the stairs that go up and down. Entry ticket price is also affordable which is only Rp 10,000.





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