Here are 5 extreme activities during your holiday in Bali

In Bali not only study the unique Hindu culture of its artistic richness but a suitable place for a vacation.
For those who want to drive very powerful adrenaline in Bali is an ideal destination for adventurers who are looking for a challenge. If you are claiming to be one of the true Adventure adventurers, here are 10 extreme activities during your holiday in Bali that will make your vacation never forgotten.

  1. Paragliding in Timbis
    With a height of 10 meters above the sea, want to enjoy the thrill of hovering in the sky of Dewata Island?. By trying paragliding or paragliding the sense of your advisor will be missed.
    You can enjoy the fun of paragliding there are several locations such as Mount Batur, Timbis, and Candidasa.
    It is the most exciting because the wind is very friendly to paragliding. Congratulations on the top of there you can enjoy spectacular panoramas then hold your fear.

Worry and will disappear when you enjoy the beauty of Bali’s panorama from a different angle. When viewed from a very extreme height, the wave of the Indian Ocean waves, the grandeur of the steep hills covered with green trees, you will see an exotic combination of white sand shoreline even the complex of Uluwatu temple so it is beautifully caught with a full of charm. The perfect time to do paragliding is when the sun is about to start setting.

If you don’t have the courage to paragliding yourself don’t worry, because you can fly tandem or assist by an experienced instructor. If you do not dare to paragliding yourself, do not be afraid because you can fly a tandem alias in an accompanied by an experienced instructor.

  1. Flyboarding in Benoa
    Another one is the flyboarding in Tanjung Benoa which in late became Primadona watersport in Bali.

Frank Zapata is one of the world’s waterskiing jetskiing athletes who has popularized the game you can fly like a superhero just by using a board that has a power pressure of 200 PK that will make you fly over the water. This is Extreme because the Papanya is connected by a jet ski to maneuver. To stand in the Flyboard is not young if you are still a beginner. It needs a high concentration to maintain balance so that your body can climb up. Enjoy the thrill of hovering over 5 meters above sea level if you have not succeeded. Use it to do more extreme such as jumping or salto in the air for sure this will make your adrenaline a little volatile.

  1. Canyoning in Gitgit
    The law is mandatory for you as a true nature Explorer to try canyoning in Bali.

The Gigit is a place known as the famous canyoning. With the sheer contours of cliffs, you can explore them by going through a track full of mud and steep trails across the river that is very heavy with just a boat rafting and doing flying fox between the two cliffs.

Among the canyoning activities that become one of the most stressful sessions are down from the cliffs. But doing so is to prove that you have guts as a true adventurer. If conditions are possible and you are ready, jump directly from the waterfall cliff and land beautifully on the Canyon River. Where the river today is clear and be a wonderful or fantastic experience during you in Bali.

  1. Rafting in Waja Pond
    In the East Bali area has an exotic forest view, maneuvering with a rubber boat there is nothing more exciting amid the river stream Telaga Waja.

It has a level 4 with the condition of field Telaga Waja River guarantees your race. With a height of 5 m do not hesitate for you screaming hysterically and drenched to terrorize the water.

To release fatigue and stress from routine, this extreme game is perfect for you. In addition to the thrilling and steep this rating field, as long as you sail the river currents and enjoy the panorama of Telaga Waja nature will amaze you.

  1. Jump Cliff & Slide at Aling Aling Waterfall
    In North Bali, the Aling Aling waterfall becomes a rising tourist destination by offering the exoticism of complete panorama and cliffs, lush greenery, and crystal-clear waters. In such a tranquil natural atmosphere there is nothing to think about, by jumping or skating from the cliff top of the waterfall you can pit you with a waterfall as high as 12 m to the pond underneath.


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