Hotel Beji Ubud Resort is a property with complete facilities for family

In Ubud Bali, It is not difficult to find lodging with family. Hotel Beji Ubud Resort is one of the best options for your place with complete facilities and as a provider of vacation accommodation for families this 3-star hotel is well known.

With a very natural environment makes supporting the holiday atmosphere for your family. Far from the city center this area is cool and has a calm atmosphere. You can feel the typical rural atmosphere while on holiday here.
There are many various facilities that you can find when you stay here. The outdoor swimming pool is one of them, with capacity for 20 people poolside Barbie, definitely Wi-Fi internet access and some other facilities.

There are many holiday activities that you can perform that will be provided by the hotel. From learning to cooking, bike rental services, Yoga programs, and so on. You can enjoy a view of the green rice fields surrounding the Hotel in carrying out the activity.
Rates and room choices when staying at our my teeth Bud Resort Hotel

There are several choices of places to stay at this hotel. You can choose a room that is just for the night, or you can choose a hotel that has a larger capacity. With the number of several groups during the holidays, you can choose the appropriate room.

If you are the only two with a couple on vacation, the choice of Valley and garden view can choose a Deluxe room for you to book. Having a limited number of these room types, there are only 10 rooms available in each.

The price that has been determined by the hotel Beji Ubud Resort for both of the rooms is relatively relative. Because of the many offered a luxurious atmosphere than the same 3-star hotel that fares below.
You can choose a family room or cottage when you vacation with your family and kids. With a unique design, each has two floors and only available 5 places this cottage is called by the name of Lumbung Family.

Places and tourist sites close to the hotel Beji Ubud Resort

Located in Ubud Gianyar, on Jalan Raya Sanggingan Nang Hotel is located. Provide convenience for travelers to reach this location and very strategically. The main road that connects Ubud by maturity is only 2.5 km away with the hotel.

Around the Hotel, there are places of interest so no need to worry about making. If you stay here and have a short time there are famous tourist spots that you can visit namely Campuhan Hill can be visited in the afternoon that is one of them. There is also Monday Akak Museum for you to visit when you have short time overnight. Only 1 km from the hotel location from both places is located.

You can also find very good restaurants and boutiques there is also there. You will be sure to feel the comfort of your stay at this hotel.



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