Attractive accommodation with ethnic nuance is this hotel Jungle room Canggu

You can find easily Bali lodging which offers a comfortable overnight atmosphere. There are many options that you can encounter in your stay. There is one special side that you can find while you are in Bali, which is Hotel Jungle room Canggu. The ethnic element that feels so thick in it is the main factor that makes this lodging so special.

Intentionally in a traditional house-themed design from various regions in Indonesia this place you will find a lot of bungalow buildings. It felt so interesting that the design of the building also felt the traditional house in another place the manager of this inn deliberately designed it as close as possible to the original.

A selection of attractive rooms at the hotel Jungle room Canggu

If you are interested to stay here, the unique ethnic nuance that you can also enjoy in the Villa here are some:

  1. Rumah Karo Sumatera

It has been 60 years old Karo House this one is an authentic building. The design of this House building stage house is entirely made of wood materials. To make the house safe from the Attack of wild animals such as tigers then that is the purpose of the village is awake.

Can be used to stay overnight by two house building who are now part of the hotel Jungle room Canggu. Now appears with the beautiful interior of Kana furniture that is in it has also been updated.

  1. Big Karo Surf House

Hotel Jungle Room Canggu is an interesting option that is a big Karo Surf House room. Brought directly from the Sumatran Karo this House building, has reached 100 years old is an old building. With 2 beds that can be occupied for up to 4 people, this building has a wider size than the house of Karo Sumatera.

  1. Ethnic Wooden House

There is a choice of ethnic wood House bungalows that you can also find a point type of house in the traditional Javanese style of this building that comes with the design of this House Joglo House feels so cool and spacious double room design is semi-open.

You can also find the option of ethnic wooden house bungalows. This building is a type of house in traditional Javanese style, comes with the design of Joglo House. The design of the room is semi-open, making this wooden house feel so cool and spacious.

  1. Riverfront Bungalow

Present with river view directly from the indoor Hotel Jungleroom Canggu also provides such unique lodging. Being a choice of a place to stay is so romantic that the placement of this room that makes the riverside sea flowers become the best. That is full of antique decorations in it that you will find the interior design.

  1. Twins Bungalow

Travel to Bali with your friend’s twins bungalows to be an ideal option. Twin bed capacity for Dora you will find her placement here. The view of the river and the pool of scenery that you might find here is also not less impressive

  1. Loft Bungalow

Providing a relaxing and comfortable setting Hotel Jungleroom Canggu also offers a loft bungalow. It will make you feel like a holiday in paradise this is a cozy atmosphere in this building.

  1. Summer House

From the Jungle Room Canggu Hotel Relax in the balcony area accompanied by a hammock to be an interesting activity that you can do at this summer house. Accompanied by a private kitchen this processing facility has a capacity for 3 people.

  1. Mango Villa

Villa Mango is the last Villa option that you can find in this Jungle room Canggu Hotel Reaching 6 people this building promises a great stay capacity. Look at us and soothe the scenery you can find here also no less beating him.

This is Jungle Room Canggu which has unique Villa and bungalows that you can find nature.





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