Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa is a hotel that has a classic and legendary atmosphere of Ubud

It is not difficult to find an interesting stay in the Ubud area. You want to feel the luxurious atmosphere and Umi then try the Hotel Jam Tjampuhan and Spa could be your main choice. It turned out to be a choice of celebrities from different countries of the hotel as a legendary and well-known place to stay.
Established since 1928 Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa. Functioning as the rest of the hotel’s royal family members at the beginning of its founding. The Hotel certainly offers a luxurious atmosphere as it becomes a resting place for members of the royal family. Made with the traditional cost of this hotel building architectural design is quite beautiful.

At Tjampuhan Hotel and the spa is a shady atmosphere typical of Ubud you can also find. And the Hotel service provides the number one quality. Although as a 3-star hotel not surprisingly can service as such, it is, therefore, the place to be a favorite place to stay for foreign celebrities and the world’s leading figures.

A selection of rooms at Tjampuhan Hotel and Spa

There are three types of rooms offered to guests at this three-star hotel. There are many facilities in each room. And there is also a traditional room design is not left, while inside the room, the guests are making it feel comfortable to linger and feel the atmosphere like being at home.

Deluxe Room, Superior room, is a choice of 3 rooms with the name Walter Spies House It is a bungalow that becomes the most exclusive place to stay available one unit. It is still preserved from the bungalow because it used to be the home of German famous painter Walter Spies.
This facility at Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa

No need to worry about the completeness of facilities that have been prepared by the property when you stay in this hotel. Here you will be given a comfortable room facility to relax. You ya people who like to linger in this pool are the right choice because the hotel has prepared the existence of an outdoor pool with a large size.

You can choose a hot spring pool as a relaxing location when you want a different atmosphere. Full of the tree-lined atmosphere is the ambiance to be accompanied, guests are also a lot of relaxing by the pool.

Location of hotelTjampuhan and SPA

Located on Jalan Raya Tjampuhan P.O. Box 198 Gianyar Bali, that is the location of this hotel which has a strategic position. Interesting tourist spots you can find from this location. If the natural atmosphere you want to look for comes to Campuhan Hill directly which is located right behind this hotel.

A natural hill with a distinctive view you can witness its existence at Campuhan Hill to this place by bike or simply walking usually the tourists often spend time with such a thing. Both the Antonio Blanco Museum and the Neka Art Museum can be easily reached from this hotel and some museums are close by.

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