Modern accommodation in Petitenget is the Hotel Zia Bali Seminyak

Around the Petitenget area first, there is no business activity this area becomes a quiet area. The hotel is an area that includes the hotel Zia Seminyak. For each guest, the hotel provides modern accommodation. This Hotel is very suitable for the holidays because of its location adjacent to the beach.
This is dedicated so that visitors remain comfortable at home even though the slogan is traveling “Welcome To Our Home”. With its elegant black color and the dominant silver color, it looked ahead of this building. To get to the lobby you will go through the hallway when entering the hotel.

AC, TV, coffee and tea maker, sofa near the window, closet, WiFi, etc. It is some of the facilities that are in the room. There are enough toiletries complete with washbasin and shower there is a divider in this area of the bathroom facilities. To stay at this hotel, Rp 427.000 to Rp 1.293.000 per night. If you want cheap then Bokingan with the boking application or online ordering.
Facilities provided by Hotel Zia Bali Seminyak

On the first floor, there is a bar and Resto. The menu is available for dinner, lunch, and breakfast which is provided. It is provided ala carte not a buffet for its breakfast menu. Romantic impression because the restaurant design is dominated by brown and peach colors. With a different background that is classic and romantic, there are also spots with 2 seats.

The swimming pool is also located in the bar overlooking. From morning, not night this facility opened. If you want the poolside also still can. Different on the 6th floor The answer also has a Rooftop minibar. Book or sunbathe with unique umbrellas ng you can do in the lid area there is also a jacuzzi pool.
The scenery that you can see is very enchanting on the Rooftop. In the afternoons please visit this area. Because of the beautiful sunset view, you can find it. What’s more along with a couple that will add to your romantic taste with him.

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