The beauty and enjoyment of her seafood food at Jimbaran Beach deserves your try

Before the development of tourism penetrated the village of Jimbaran, the village of Jimbaran is a fishing village that most of the inhabitants make a living by looking for fish in the sea. Because the beach is so clean, with white sand, as well as an amazing sunset view, many foreign or domestic investors invest in the construction of hotels, villas, or restaurants of international standard in Jimbaran Bali.

Beginning of the development of Jimbaran tourism places in the year 1988. Then in the year 1992 stood one of the five-star hotels famous around the world namely Four Seasons Jimbaran. Four Seasons ‘ class hotel will only manage the hotel or villa which has the best location, and the Jimbaran beach has these criteria. With the development of hotels in Jimbaran Bali tourist area, changing the livelihoods of local people of Jimbaran, from fishermen to workers engaged in the field of tourism.

Attraction & Jimbaran Beach Activities
Jimbaran Beach Bali, one of the white sand beaches with a beautiful sunset view. The beauty of this beach, every afternoon of Jimbaran beach is crowded with tourists. Most tourists who go to Jimbaran Beach, besides enjoying the beautiful beach atmosphere, tourists will also enjoy dinner by the beach with grilled seafood dishes.

Along the beach, you will find a variety of cafes that sell the menu of grilled fish or other seafood. Such as shrimp, crab, clams, and squid. All dishes in Jimbaran Seafood Café are grilled in the way. Surely in the burn will make the taste of food much more delicious.

For the price of the Jimbaran, the seafood menu is very varied, because it is determined from the weight per gram/ounce of fish or other types of seafood you choose. Surely in this way, you will get the amount of food comparable to the price. Enjoying seafood specialties Jimbaran while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of sunset, will make your holiday in Bali very impressed.

Jimbaran Beach Bali is more suitable to visit in the afternoon. Because the main attraction lies in the sunset view and the activity of enjoying grilled seafood dishes by the beach which is only available in the afternoon.

Location of Jimbaran Beach
Tourist Attractions Jimbaran Bali is a village in the area of South Kuta district. The location of the village is in the southwest part of the island of Bali, besides the location of the village is on a very narrow land area, connecting the mainland of Bali Island central to the Hill Peninsula located in the southern part of the island of Bali.

The location of Jimbaran village is very strategic because it is adjacent to Ngurah Rai International Airport. In the village of Jimbaran, there is a white-sand beach, with very calm sea waves, the beach is named Muaya. Because the beach location is in the village of Jimbaran, then Muaya Beach is more famous with the name of Jimbaran Beach.

Besides Muaya Beach, the Jimbaran Bali tourist area also has a white sand beach that location is hidden. The beach is named Tegal Wangi Jimbaran.

To reach the location of Muaya beach from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it takes only 15 minutes and takes about 7 kilometers. To help you find the location of Muaya Beach, please use the map below.

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