A tourist attraction similar to Japan is Jinja Karangasem Park Bali

More and more visited by Karangasem regency tourists on the island of Bali. Through the natural beauty that has the charm of tourism from this district is also increasing. Karangasem offers the latest natural tourism destinations that tourists can visit in 2019. Jinja Karangasem Park is the name of the natural tourist attraction.

Opened on February 14, 2019, Jinja Karangasem Park is a new tourist destination. With a beautiful garden design, the existence of this tourist spot combines the natural beauty of Karangasem Regency. You will find a different atmosphere when visiting this newest tourist attraction in Bali. You’ll also feel that you’re in Japan when you’re on holiday in Bali.
Bring out the Japanese atmosphere of Torii in Jinja Karangasem park

Through the existence of Torii in this new Bali tourist park, the atmosphere like Tengah in Japan can be obtained. When entering the Torii Shinto shrine itself is always their gate. By using parallel bars that are then supported by the presence of two vertical rods that Torii in Japan is used to design. Painted in a striking red color that is generally Torii in Japan.

Torii in Japan not only has the main function as a gateway to get to the shrine. Patok who restricts between the area of human residence and one that is a spiritual figure that becomes the object of worship of Shinto adherents in Japan that is the existence of Torii as Patok.

With Torii in Japan, torii in Jinja Karangasem park has a similar shape. K uses red on the top and black color on the base of the buffer wood that is torii that you can find here. The difference is that the jinja park has no spiritual function. As a means to beautify the atmosphere in Jinja park, it is the existence of Torii.
Also deliberately in the design lined it torii that is in Jinja park. So its existence becomes an object where people take photographs while visiting Jinja Park. In the torii row camera shot, it will look unique. So it’s no wonder that you come to Jinja park to see many tourists taking photos against the background of torii.

The existence of the theory for tourists can not only witness the typical atmosphere of Japan. Then the cozy and beautiful atmosphere can also be found there. Deliberately built in the plantation area of Jinja Park residents this makes a tourist area. The variety of plants here can be seen directly and is generally flowering plants.

And to enter it you don’t have to pay, and don’t worry that the location is managed by the residents. Therefore tourists are not pegged to their fares. And you can also donate according to your wishes.
This is where Jinja Karangasem Park is located

In Banjar Angsoka which is in the area of Besakih Village rendang sub-district is garden jinja Karangasem located. Close to Besakih Temple which is the largest temple and has an important role for the people of Bali island is the location of the newest tourist spot namely Jinja Karangasem park. Then stop by if you are in the vicinity.





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