Legendary Kuta Poppies Restaurant Since 1973

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As the gathering place of the famous Backpacker Poppies Lane, so many keep the attraction. In this area, you don’t just find cheap places to stay. With affordable rates, there are also rows of restaurants. The existence of Poppies Kuta Restaurant you can also see has been established in 1973 a legendary restaurant.

The existence of the jenik stall is the beginning of the existence of this simple warung. Bob and George, jenik stalls made the owner renovate this simple stall. Change the look of the stalls to be so comfortable and collaborate. Become a Poppies Kuta restaurant from jenik warung.

This warung is still so in demand for visitors, with the development of the times. Its existence amid the density of the Kuta area that is famous as a popular tourist destination in Bali seems to be an oasis. The main attraction is natural and the atmosphere is comfortable. It’s proven that the menu here also makes the visitors not bored to come back.

Natural and Unique Atmosphere at Poppies Kuta Restaurant
Entering Poppies Kuta Restaurant, the natural atmosphere feels so thick. You will find seating for guests surrounded by a green garden area. Not to mention, the restaurant also has a canopy full of flowers. The atmosphere is like this, making the restaurant feel so crowded and colorful.

The nature of Poppies Kuta restaurant can not only be found in its leafy garden. You will also find a neatly maintained fish pond inside the restaurant. Also, there is also a fountain that makes the atmosphere inside the restaurant look so harmonious.

Delicious and Unique Menu at Poppies Kuta Restaurant
As a restaurant that is the result of cooperation between Balinese and foreign tourists, it is no wonder that you can find a diverse menu in this restaurant. Not only provides traditional culinary of the archipelago. You can also eat good international food here.

Here, you can find street fried rice dishes that taste so special. Moreover, the presentation is so complete, with shrimp and chicken cutouts. Also, the restaurant also has processed lobster, french fries, or various types of cakes for dessert.

One menu that you must taste here is the drink. The cocktail is a signature of Poppies Kuta Restaurant called Poppies Pina Colada. This drink is made with a combination of coconut, rum, and pineapple juice. As a complement, the way it is presented is so unique with uniquely carved coconuts.

The price of food and drinks in this restaurant is not very expensive. Moreover, considering Poppies Lane is a popular area among backpackers. You can find the menu in the price range of Rp25 thousands here. Restaurant opening hours, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Poppies Kuta Restaurant Location
This restaurant can be found easily, simply by directing the vehicle to the address Poppies Lane Number 1. The location is so strategic, it is at the southern end of Legian Street, Kuta. Alternatively, guests can find public transport hubs nearby.

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