Stay with a nice view and there is a hot water pond then choose Lakeside Cottages Kintamani

While in Bali the choice of stay at Lakeside Cottages Kintamani is the best. Especially if you want a beautiful view of Lake Batur in Kintamani then this can be an option.

You will be satisfied whenever you can see the view of Lake Batur when you stay at Lakeside Cottages. Because this one-star hotel is located adjacent to the Batur Lake.
During your stay here you will feel the quiet atmosphere. You can unleash your saturation and fatigue during your work this is a decent place you visit a stay in this place can make you quieter comfortable because the atmosphere is close to the lake.

Facilities of Lakeside Cottages Kintamani

Lake Batur is not one of the attractions of this hotel to attract tourists to stay here. Although it is a one-star hotel the service is similar to a three-star hotel.

In the afternoons you can relax in the swimming pool area with a beautiful and picturesque view of Lake Batur while you are in this hotel. You can also relax on the edge or swim in the lake. And guests can also choose between soaking in the hot spring or not. Because this area of Kintamani has very natural hot springs that is why the reason for this hot spring in this hotel is an attraction as well. You don’t need to leave the hotel to feel the natural hot spring.
If you want to feel the facilities in the hotel are still lacking, the hotel will provide various other supporting facilities so do not worry. If you are used to Yoga then you can do it here. And there is also a variety of water sports.

Room rates and choice of rooms at Lakeside cottages Kintamani

The room choices provided by Lakeside Cottages Kintamani are also varied. You can choose a standard, Superior, deluxe, or family room that is aimed at the holidays with your family.
Each room has complete facilities. You will have a breakfast menu accompanied by coffee or tea. Besides, toiletries are provided by the hotel.

The rate of stay at this hotel is also very cheap. The standard room which is the least space can be occupied for Rp 300,000 per night.

Travel activities during your stay at Lakeside Cottages Kintamani

While staying here, you can also take advantage of the time to try various tourist activities. Hiking becomes a favorite activity for hotel guests. In this hiking activity, you can try the experience of climbing Mount Batur and watching the sunrise from the summit.

Other options include water sports activities at Lake Batur. These include fishing and canoeing activities. All these activities can be obtained by using additional services from the hotel.

How to get to Lakeside Cottages Kintamani

The Hotel is located on the Toya Bungkah Highway, Kintamani. For guests, there is no need to be difficult to reach the hotel. Moreover, the manager Lakeside Cottages Kintamani provides a pick-up service from the airport. Of course, with additional charges.

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