Besides the tourism object with the destination beach, there is the name Monkey Forest Ubud is one of the tourist destinations where there are many hundreds of monkeys or monkeys because the location is very close to the center of Ubud then the tourists easily to reach this location.

Compared to other monkeys forest Monkey Forest Ubud is very famous, this place is made of protected forest very crowded by local and international tourists visitors.

In Bali Island, there are some tourist destinations with monkey forest objects, like Kedaton Monkey Forest, in the Sangeh, but the very popular or famous is the monkey forest located in Ubud. So this place is very neatly arranged and managed with a professional trekking path to the middle of the forest through a bridge made of wood at the base of the valley.

The price of admission to Forest Ubud forest is more expensive than another monkey forest because of the availability of a recreation place where it becomes a comfort for the visitors, which is integrated with nature.

Ubud Monkey Forest has recorded many thousands of tourists visit here, so at the time of the big holiday in Indonesia that caused the high visitors to this place, this also causes the monkeys here are so tame because it is accustomed to meet many people. For the monkey food is very guaranteed there is always a schedule to feed and some officers are always stand by to supervise the monkeys so that the tourists are safe and comfortable while enjoying this forest.

Because of the location distance of the Monkey Forest Ubud close to the city then you must visit this location for recreation and chatting with the monkeys.

Things to do in Monkey Forest Ubud Bali
This forest is inhabited by long-tailed monkeys and with a forest area of about 8 hectares located in the district of Ubud, Gianyar regency of Bali. The location is air-conditioned because it is located 300 meters above sea level, lush green trees, and tall towering trees will add a pleasant atmosphere. The entrance counter is on the left when you arrive at the site. By the time you enter the area of Monkey Forest Ubud, This will be a lot of traders who sell the banana is not for you to eat but you can give to the monkey, because monkey monkeys here prefer bananas, and this is also one way you to interact with monkeys.

You want to get more exciting experience in the Monkey Forest of Ubud, you can have a photo with the monkeys of forest dwellers, with the banana fruit food you bring, assisted by local guides, so you feel comfortable. Tour with the purpose of this monkey Forest attraction is an ideal destination not only for adults but also for children.
Besides feeding the monkeys and photo, you can sit in the middle of the shady woods, watching the cuteness and agility of the monkeys here, playing with their spouse or children, you can get closer to them.
The monkeys are tame forest dwellers and most importantly you do not bother them, so you can capture them via camera shots and selfie photos with the help of local officers. This monkey Forest recreation place in Ubud is indeed one of the most popular on the island of Bali, so it can complement your holiday activities.
There is a path to visit in Monkey Forest Ubud to the middle of the forest, or riverside through a wooden bridge, so it will give a beautiful and memorable tourist adventure.
You can enjoy the beauty of the Monkey forest for the maximum when visiting from early morning because this attraction in Bali is open from 08.00 – 18.00. You can enjoy how the monkey forest atmosphere in the morning with the accompaniment of melodious birds.
Although the monkeys of forest dwellers in Ubud Monkey forest are not so aggressive, you are better advised to secure valuables and accessories such as earrings, bracelets, watches, glasses and also mobile phones in your bag, in certain situations, they could have been naughty and do not because the goods they thought strange would attract interest.
While in this jungle recreation place in Ubud, there is a place to walk, go to the street, so that visitors will feel comfortable and safe, do not enter their area, so the monkeys do not feel threatened.
Latest admission ticket price as of 1 March 2019, to Monkey Forest tourist attraction Ubud; RP 80,000 for adults and children Rp 60,000 (3-12 years), the ticket price is valid for foreign and domestic travelers, even applies equally to local Balinese residents. Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest while tour in Bali, especially with children, will give more experience for them, can introduce flora and fauna closer to them.

Nearby attractions from Monkey Forest Ubud.
Several tourist attractions and recreation place closest to Monkey forest in Monkey Forest Ubud include downtown Ubud, the art market, Ubud Palace tourism objects, Saraswati Temple, Campuhan Hill tourist attraction, and various art gallery and art Museum. Also adjacent to the Elephant Park of the village of Taro, Ayung rafting and recreation of the rice terraces of Tegalalang and Goa Gajah.

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