A stay at Oasis Lagoon Sanur is a hotel with a beachfront pool

While on vacation to Bali the Oasis Lagoon Sanur is a great place to stay, especially if you are looking for a hotel near Sanur beach. You can directly see the scenery of Sanur beach because the hotel offers the main facilities in the presence of a unique pool shaped lagoon style.

Very close to Sanur beach Bali location from The Oasis Lagoon Sanur. It is only a 15-minute walk to Sanur beach from The Oasis Lagoon Sanur. The Hotel also features a balcony in every room and dusty wooden décor which is very unique, in addition to its Laguna swimming pool. Without having to leave the rooms of the Hotel visitors can see the beautiful view
The newest 4-Star Resort in Bali’s first upscale tourist area is the Oasis Lagoon Sanur. Restaurants, shopping centers, art shops, and holiday facilities of the Oasis Lagoon Sanur are right in the heart of the peaceful area of batters.

Reflecting on a new era in Balinese architecture the Oasis Lagoon offers an innovative design as well. Modern comfort with traditional teak wood warmth which is a combination of the two. Also offering a spectrum of comfortable rooms in Bali this hotel.

Facilities at The Oasis Lagoon Sanur

The minimalist interior design features a flat-screen TV and a personal safe, and this hotel’s interiors are quite appealing to the design’s appearance. There is also a hairdryer and shower facilities, as well as a tea or coffee maker and a minibar that is in the room. Bars, restaurants, spas, bicycle rentals, and a lagoon pool are among the facilities at Oasis Lagoon Sanur.
To assist with fitness, there is also a small gym and spa services available at the hotel. Typical food and international favorites are the ones in Café de Dapoer.

The attitude is ready to serve all the guests who come, to fulfill the satisfaction of the guests, which is also one of the facilities of the Oasis Lagoon Sanur. Just 10 minutes to you on foot, because the place is right for sunbathing and enjoying today is the place. Every 2 hours of scheduled shuttle service is already available at the front desk.
Some room options and rates to stay at The Oasis Lagoon Sanur

Featuring two single beds or 1 extra-large king bed, the Dulux double room has a 1 king bed that is a studio type. With 2 single beds or 1 extra king, some rooms can be accessed. Only has a maximum number of guests 4 people and that’s a duplex room. Starting from Rp 950.000 per night That’s the rate of stay you have to spend, and also influence in the room selection.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur Location

The location is only 100 meters away, which is the Oasis Lagoon Sanur. Which is where there are many shopping places available there. Only 30 minutes drive from the hotel to Ngurah Rai International Airport is quite close by.

In Wasis Lagoon, Sanur is a lot of tourist attractions nearby. Like Serangan Turtle Island, Bali Museum, and some other interesting places in Sanur. Also close to campus is Udayana University. Also close to Sangla General Hospital.






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