Tour to the biggest dam on the island of Bali is Palasari dam Jembrana

Always a favorite of the tourists to tour the water in Bali. From tours of waterfalls, beaches, dams or lakes, to artificial reservoirs. Become an alternative tourism option as a cool refreshing place that is Palasari dam Jembrana.

Inaugurated its opening on 23 July 1989 by President Suharto the dam began to be built in April 1986. For people around, if the dry season arrives especially for Prince Kawa then the Palasari Dam is very useful, which is the function of water reserve.
Able to accommodate water up to 8 million M3 Palasari Dam, which has a land area of 100 hectares. There are many kinds of freshwater fish that can live freely in this dam such as cork fish, catfish, carp, mujair fish, tilapia, and other fishes.

Many are spending time fishing in Palasari Dam by the lovers of anglers. You can also rent a small sampan to stroll through the entire dam area as well as a favorite fishing spot. It is very suitable for us refreshing, because of the green scenery and cool air.
You can also do motor cross and offroad activities that are activities that you can do that are quite extreme here. Because there is a motocross arena around the dam that is where you can channel your hobby in the world of the Motor cross. Palasari Dam There is even a regular schedule for a motor cross race.

Farming and farming are the livelihoods of the communities around the dam. Along the way, there are many areas of paddy fields that we can see and prove. Palasari Dam the views of the paddy fields also add to the beauty.

The Palasari Dam in Jembrana is Ah many of doing photo activity that is one of unity for the community. The attraction of this dam is because it has the largest dam background on the island of Bali and many do photo activities to be captured.
Palasari Church is a unique church in this area of the religious ritual point is done in a Palasari which he thinks is a unique church and many ceremonial rituals that are thick with Balinese customs in this building.

By combining Gothic architecture with the active texture of Bali This church building is made, so many impressions are sacred or unique. The condition in Palasari Chapel is still very good and looks very modern even though the building is old. At the temple or entrance of the houses in Bali that we will see when the entrance of the courtyard there is a gate.

Fees and admission ticket to Palasari Dam Jembrana

For entrance tickets are very cheap yes this is Rp 1.000 for a two-wheeled vehicle or 2000 for that carrying four-wheeled vehicle that is for the cost of admission dam location. Only certain days of this ticket style are valid not every day. There are many inns available around the Palasari dam when you want to stay.

Location of Palasari Dam

This dam is the largest dam in Bali with the name of the dam Palasari precisely located in Hamlet Palasari, village Ekasari, subdistrict Melaya, Kabupaten Jembrana Bali to fulfill the needs of the water of the residents in this dam-building it takes about 3 hours journey from Denpasar 3 You-you to this Palasari dam. And if from downtown the country the time it takes is about 40 minutes.

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