Local cruise ship Quicksilver Cruise Bali, one of the ocean adventure nature Tourism, ready to take you sailing and tours from the island of Bali to the island of Nusa Penida Klungkung, different from Bali Hai Cruise with the destination of Nusa Lembongan Island attractions, these two vessels are different destinations, both presenting a sensation of adventure that provides uniqueness with the characteristic of each during holidays on the island of gods.
Cruise options available, including the Quicksilver Cruise, give you a more exciting and sensational holiday activity, whether it’s a holiday with your family, your children or your honeymoon partner so that tourists who have come sailing are always remembered to try again, both with relatives, colleagues, and relatives.
The offer for Nusa Penida Island Day Cruise is only provided by the Quicksilver Cruise Bali, being the only local yacht activity that explores the southern waters of Bali Island and continues to enjoy the beautiful nature that is served by the island of Nusa Penida Klungkung, with the destination of Toya Pakeh beach attraction. Exploring the sea on the island of Bali and Nusa Penida, this will be the recreational activities that tourists are interested in during their holidays.
With the pleasure of enjoying the tour by visiting natural attractions and recreation places on the island of Bali Dewata, it is time to sail around to fill the holiday time with your family or honeymooners. The Quicksilver Cruise will depart from Marina Bay in Tanjung Benoa Badung at 08.00 With and return to the pier again at 15.00 Wita. So in the day, you enjoy the cruise and plan until the hotel returns around 16.00 – 16.30 Wita, so for you to have a program after this can adjust it.

Quicksilver Cruise Bali and Water Sport holiday packages
In one tour package with Quicksilver Cruise Bali, you can enjoy various things about natural beauty and a host of water sport recreation, also experience the luxury of the ship, various types of entertainment presented, including lunch on the ship, will give a different holiday sensation, much different than when the tour on the land.

Exploring the southern seas, being treated to entertainment onboard such as dance, traditional and modern music, so you do not feel bored, for 45 minutes sailing, arrive at the mega Pontoon (floating pier) where the vessel is leaning. Tour with Quicksilver Cruise you will find different holiday atmosphere while on the island of Bali gods.
The Quicksilver Cruise Bali tour package is inclusive of the shuttle to the hotel, pick up around 06.15 – 06.30 Wita adjusted to the hotel address. If you have not had time to enjoy breakfast at the hotel, then do not worry, get aboard the cruise you will be treated to breakfast like tea/coffee, orange juice, and pastries, served with a friendly, professional and experienced boat crew.

This Quicksilver cruise ship adventure is perfect for children to adults. Book early because the provider operates 1 vessel with a capacity of 390 passengers and departs only once a day so that the holiday tickets are often sold out.

Mega pontoon in the island waters of Nusa Penida Recreation Place of watersport, especially for the activity of Quicksilver Cruise Bali, this is where you can enjoy various water games, some water sport games that are included in the package such as Quicksilver Cruise Bali;

-Unlimited Banana boat.
Semi-submarine ships.
-Water slide.

All Watersport recreation during the Quicksilver Cruise will be arranged in turn so that all the participants can enjoy the same portions, the swimming pool for children is above the sea, they are free to chat here. But if you want a complete recreation water sport without having to sail on a cruise ship, then the attraction in Bali that you must visit is Tanjung Benoa.
Several other Watersport recreations are also available when you follow the Quicksilver Cruise Bali such as Jetski and scuba diving for games like this as well as body painting you can book directly on-site at an additional cost, as it does not include the Quicksilver Cruise pricing package. As for lunch served buffet is available complete from the opening menu to the cover.

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