This is an exotic meadow against the backdrop of Mount Agung which is Savana Tianyar Karangasem Bali

In Bali which offers so many tourist attractions is Karangasem regency which is very famous. You can find all kinds of attractions here. So try visiting Savana tianyar Karangasem, for those of you who love the natural and beautiful scenery.

Offering a view of the steppe that is the Savana tianyar. In the form of a meadow that is so wide that the scenery will be found. It is yellowish or green that you can find in the meadow. And that also depends on the season.
The atmosphere in Africa is what tourism offers in Savana tianyar Karangasem

Like the atmosphere in Africa, people call the view of Savana tianyar and that’s not wrong either. Especially in the dry season, you choose to visit this place. Combined with Mount Agung in the distance, the view of the yellowing expanse of grass then the pasture that looks like a meadow in Africa.

Certainly much safer than Africa that’s what’s in the pastures in Anyar maybe that’s what sets it apart. Wild animals you won’t find free-thinking here. Made this place so popular among tourists because of the scenery when the sun goes down and the sun rises.

Photo hunting in Karangasem tianyar meadow

Give a lot of Grace because it is so close to Mount Agung the location of this meadow. When Mount Agung erupted into an affected and dangerous location. The beautiful scenery and the fertile soil that gave another gift in this location.
Making Anyar meadow is so popular among tourists because of the beautiful scenery against the backdrop of Mount Agung. Many come to this place and many spend their time taking photos. You can also come at any time to take photos whether it’s in the rainy season or the dry season.

The yellow expanse of grassland offers an African-like atmosphere that is the atmosphere in the dry season. Then it can add beautify the atmosphere for us to take photos in addition to the scenery.

Here’s the location of Savana tianyar Karangasem

In Karangasem Regency, Kubu District, in tianyar village area that is the location of Savana tianyar. The time it takes to travel from Denpasar is about 2 and a half hours and the distance reaches 77 km, approximately 40 km distance from the center of Amlapura City.
The best option you can do is to bring your vehicle or rent it for your convenience during your trip. A motorcycle or a car is an option that you can use. And more you can also take photos using the motor or car.

Not far from popular tourist destinations in this nearby location. Amed Beach, jemeluk beach, and other beautiful beaches in Karangasem are famous destinations you can visit.

If you are on holiday to Bali you are guaranteed to have nothing to lose choosing Karangasem as the first Bali holiday destination in Karangasem.

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