One of the beaches that have a breathtaking view of Sunrise is Segara Ayu beach Denpasar

For a relaxing break or a vacation to Bali is one of the options. Because of the many beautiful beaches such as Segara Ayu beach Denpasar. It’s become a favorite location for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise.

Sanur Beach and Sindhu Beach are within one of the same coastlines. And it owned a similar beauty on Segara Ayu beach. The main attraction is the Panorama beauty of its stand. On the morning of Segara Ayu Beach, many visited.
The wide stretch of sand it has, it makes the tourists always come. Although not too soft, many visitors whose feet always let go of the tools to feel the white sand. There was even a hoard of his body in the sand.

Many outside tourists are sunbathing on the shores of Segara Ayu Beach to spend their time. The organizer also provides a place for sunbathing or visitors can choose their own. If you do not want to have direct sunlight, you can also sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the beach under the shade of the trees.
The condition is quite quiet beach water in Segara Ayu, so many who do snorkeling or swimming on this beach. You can see it all under the beach as it includes clear water. On Segara Ayu Beach, you can also do activities like Sea Walker.

If you want to play canoeing, along the beach, many people provide canoe rentals. All activities on Ayu’s history beach, then take the best moment for you to capture through photos.
Location of Segara Ayu Beach Denpasar

From Segara Ayu Street You can reach the location of Segara Ayu Beach Denpasar, Oma is located in the village of Pekraman Intaran, District Denpasar Selatan, about 15 minutes’ drive from the center of Denpasar City or 8 km distance. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to ride if you are from Ngurah Rai Airport facilities that are available by Segara Yuni Beach complete enough parking area that is very adequate, there is a Hotel facility accommodation, art SOP, Cafe, Canoe rental, and others.

Admission ticket price at Segara Ayu Beach Denpasar

Only required to pay vehicle parking tickets. For cars Rp 5.000 and motorcycles for Rp 2,000. For each different canoe rental on site.

If you want to stay at around Segara Ayu Beach, there are several hotels near the beach point such as Hotel Segara Village, Villa Mahapala, Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel, Dampati Villas, or Puri Kelapa Graden Cottages.

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