Come to Sorga chocolate Karangasem to see the process of making chocolate

Want to travel for free see the process of making chocolate then come to heaven chocolate Karangasem. And don’t forget to bring your sons and daughters.

One of the quality local chocolate producers in Bali heaven Chocolate Karangasem is very well known. You can get a unique knowledge about the process of processing cocoa beans into chocolate that must be tempting and very tasty.
This is the complicated and interesting chocolate-making process in Karangasem Chocolate Heaven

Maybe you will think of it as a good snack and can be obtained whenever you want when you hear the word chocolate. But not many people know that the process of making chocolate is so complex and takes a lot of time. That’s what you’ll know and learn when you come to Heaven Chocolate Karangasem.

From the Tabanan area, the chocolate is processed and produced in this chocolate factory. You can find twice the harvest time of the year. At the time of harvest, tourists have the opportunity and visit and watch the processing of Cocoa beans for free at Sorga Chocolate Karangasem.

From the outside view of the quality cocoa beans, you can know by looking at them. has a white coating that can be easily pulled from the cocoa fruit on the Cocoa beans. Then the next process is fermentation after cocoa bean collection.
Reached 6 months long fermentation of cocoa beans. Determine the type of taste of the chocolate produced from the fermentation process. Dozens of flavors that you can choose when you are in Karangasem chocolate heaven then after the fermentation process is finished the next process is drying, roasting, cleaning, then the process of harvesting.

Find local Balinese chocolate in Karangasem chocolate heaven

In heaven chocolate, Karangasem can be done for free enjoy the experience of watching the process of processing cocoa beans into chocolate. Only charged if you taste processed produce from chocolate in the factory. And you can also buy it as a typical Balinese chocolate souvenir.

It is real processed chocolate that you can get if you visit Karangasem chocolate heaven. In this product, you will not find various kinds of mixtures such as milk or sugar. There are various flavors that you can find with rambutan, pineapple, mango, Balinese coffee, and even chili flavor.
It only costs Rp25,000 to taste chocolate. And if you want to bring as a chocolate bye it starts at 50 grams for Rp40,000 to Rp70,000.

This is the location of Karangasem Bali’s Sorga chocolate

So visit this chocolate factory as an interesting experience, you can visit directly to the location on mastima temple road, Jasri Kelod, Karangasem. Between 8 am and 5 pm this place can be visited. If you want to visit at the best moment, the harvest period lasts from June to August and the following month is October to November.

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