Stowaway flies from South Africa to Amsterdam inside plane wheel

A stowaway managed to outlive the 11-hour journey from South Africa to the Netherlands whereas hiding contained in the wheel of a cargo aircraft.

The unidentified man was found by Dutch authorities when the plane touched down in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport on 23 January.

Believed to be between 16 and 35 years outdated, the person was found alive after the harrowing journey however with a low physique temperature.

“We realized that an individual was discovered having stowed away on a cargo aircraft on the airport’s cargo platform this morning,” a Schiphol Airport spokesperson instructed CNN.

Floor crew notified the authorities as quickly because the aircraft, operated by Cargolux, had landed and so they noticed one thing that appeared like an individual within the nostril wheel.

The emergency providers have been known as to the scene and the Dutch Royal Navy Police have now taken cost of the scenario.

“We have been stunned upon discovering this man however much more stunned at him being alive after the aircraft flew over 10,000km in very, very chilly temperatures,” stated a Royal Dutch Navy Police spokesperson.

“When the person has recovered and cleared by the hospital, he’ll then be processed on the Asylum Seekers Centre (AZC) the place his standing will likely be decided if he certainly is searching for asylum.”

After medical workers had stabilised the person at Schiphol Airport, he was transported to a hospital in Amsterdam.

It’s not the time a traveller has stowed away on an plane.

In February 2021, a Kenyan teenager survived a flight from London to Maastricht after climbing into the landing-gear bay space of the fuselage.

The 16-year-old boy was discovered after the cargo jet landed within the Netherlands.

A spokesperson for Maastricht Aachen Airport stated on the time: “He had great luck to get via this.”

The spokesperson instructed the NetherlandsNewsLive web site that temperatures inside the touchdown gear bay of the Turkish Airways Airbus A330 would have fallen to minus 30C, including: “Stowaways on airplanes are uncommon, and most of the people sadly don’t survive the journey.”

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