Enjoy eating at the floating resto of Kintamani, is one of the restaurants that float over the lake

One of the unique restaurants in Bali is the floating Resto of Kintamani Kedisan. You can enjoy the view by the beach and enjoy the food menu that is floating over the lake. The floating restaurant of Kintamani Oma is a real restaurant that floats over the lake. Arguably unique because you see the scenery that is not usually when you enjoy the food that is in Mount Batur.

You will cross the road which is built on the lake to enter a floating Resto area Kintamani Kedisan. The streets connect the huts built over Lake Batur. Then you do not need a boat or rent to get to the Resto. That is on the lips of Lake Batur and also quite close to the port of Kedisan village make Resto floating very unique place and view of Lake Batur not far from here which displays its beauty.

A floating Resto Kintamani’s Kedisan has a unique design
5 pieces of the cottage are roofed on this floating Resto Kedisan. Each cottage has a cozy place and there are a table and chairs with wooden floors. To enjoy the cool air try to be on the outside.

There are 8 tables in the outdoors that float from Resto Kedisan, you can be pampered with cool dim from the mountains and lakes. These huts are because of the tong-Tong as the support of the hut, therefore we will feel rocked when it is on it.

On the hardwood floor, Resto is floating floor and the bridge is uneven. So keep it and look at every step when you are or walking to the floating Resto of this kedisan, this Resto is also Rama for kids.

When the wind blows gently your hair is woven. You can also take pictures as there are so beautiful backgrounds like mountain lakes or surrounding huts.

You want to enjoy the longer atmosphere in this resto or around this place then you can stay and rent the bungalows that are around her. How the Chameleon to the lake and have swimming pool facilities in the price of Rp 450.000 is worth the price because of the scenery and facilities are available.

The type of food menu that is in a floating restaurant Kintamani
The majority of the menu served is seafood, if viewed from the place then the type of fish that many fish is indigo fish. Because of the many tilapia fish menu that is widely presented is such a red tilapia grilled indigo fried indigo Seasoning, plecing Kangkung, Sambel Matah, sate Bali and SOP Nila.

How to get to the location of Kintamani
Located in North Bali location of floating Resto is precisely on Jalan Kedisan Lake Batur Kintamani Bali Point of tourist attraction in the South Bali area is quite far around 1.5 hours on the way. But all will pay off with the delights of the dining menu and its natural beauty.

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