This is one of the twin waterfalls in Bali which is Tibumana Waterfall

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You will never get bored with a tour of Bali. There are no less beautiful places to visit besides the beach there are other alternatives for tourists. Being able to attract tourists to come here is the beauty of the Tibumana Waterfall. Because of its twin waterfall-like shape, this waterfall is called unique.

There is two water streams side by side at Tibumana Waterfall-like twin waterfalls. There is only one large stream that descends into a waterfall when the river above it is small. Very comfortable to use for swimming or soaking in the pool of water that is not too deep it is below. can use buoys from tires that have been prepared by the manager.
How wide the location of this Tibumana Waterfall attraction becomes like its own because of its hidden actions. Great for taking Spot photos in this position. Standing on a fallen tree trunk or against the backdrop of a waterfall, it will be beautiful the photo you take.

This Is The Location of Tibumana Waterfall

In Bangli Regency Bali, Susut Sub-District, Apuan Village, Banjar wakes up a weak friend that is the location of the Tibumana Waterfall. The beautiful and natural atmosphere is very felt because the location is in the countryside. This Tibumana Waterfall is perfect for visiting as a fatigue removeer due to its calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Here’s How to Get to Tibumana Waterfall

It can use a two-wheeled or four-wheeled motor vehicle to get to this waterfall tourist site. It is recommended to use a motorcycle to be faster and avoid the congestion that exists in Denpasar city. From Denpasar it is a 60-minute ride or if Kuta takes about 1.5 hours.

Visitors can not immediately find the position of Tibumana Waterfall Arriving in apuan village. Because there is a temple at the end of the street, used as a parking lot for vehicles is the temple yard. And besides, the temple lies the entrance to the location.

Tibumana Waterfall Bali Admission Ticket Price

Visitors first pass through the package post to pay for the entrance ticket, then walk down the Setapak Road to the waterfall location. Only Rp5.000 for the entrance fee.

The journey will begin after you pay the entrance ticket. It’s going to be a lot of fun when you’re drafting through the Footpath. Overgrown with ferns and moss around the street, there are many. The road is also very neat. On a bridge made of wood, the road ends. It’s so relaxing that the rustic atmosphere has a natural feel and it’s very felt.

Then you will arrive at the location of Tibumana Waterfall has passed 2 bridges and a small turn. Because of the waterfall dispute, the cold and cool Eve will be felt. You will be made very memorable and will want to linger in the water because it is breathtaking the natural beauty displayed.

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