Ubud Bidadari Valley hidden tour in Bali

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Bidadari Valley view

Ubud Bali wrong never runs out of tourist attractions. In this area that is famous as the center of arts and culture in Bali, you can almost always find the existence of the latest tourist destinations. By visiting the Valley of Bidadari Ubud, I am the most recent tourist attraction that you can find here. It is an interesting choice for those of you who prefer to explore hidden tourist destinations then visit the Valley of Bidadari.

Ubud Bidadari Valley hidden tour in Bali

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Bidadari Valley view

It is a tourist attraction that is getting crowded with tourists in the Valley of Bidadari. Tourists can enjoy the scenery to the maximum even though its existence is direct and so popular but once there the advertisement can be felt by the tourists. Still untouched by the human hand, his naturalness is here. therefore the locals here named it the Valley of the Angel.
Ubud Bidadari Valley natural and refreshing atmosphere

You first have to take a quite challenging journey to the Valley of Angel. In a fairly dense forest area, the valley is located. You have to park your vehicle on the land owned by the locals because you don’t want to be like that. then the journey can be continued on foot for only a few minutes.

Bidadari Valley swimming

When walking to the location of Bidadari Valley you will not feel fatigued. The green scenery makes everything feel fun along the way. The scenery that can be found is much more stunning once we reach the valley of Bidadari.

It has the form of a natural spring that the Valley of the Angel has. It also looks so clear and clean water that you can find it. With such clean water conditions, many people want to plunge into it. It’s full of atmosphere with a view of the surroundings.
Allows you to do a variety of activities in Clear Water in this place. While enjoying the tranquility in the Angel valley you can spend some time relaxing. Beautiful underwater photos are also no less interesting if you want to take pictures in there. Surely you should have set up a camera that is already waterproof.

You need to prepare for the strong physical condition so that a visit to the Valley of Bidadari Ubud can be very comfortable. It is necessary to make sure the supplies you bring are sufficient. You also need to make sure to wear comfortable clothes to wear walking and also certainly change clothes are prepared.

Here’s Where Ubud’s Angel Valley Is Located

You can direct your vehicle to Taro village which is located Tegal Alang district Gianyar Regency to get to this hidden tourist spot in Bali. It is one of the historical villages in Bali that is Taro Village. And is the oldest village you can find in Bali.
You can also do a variety of other activities while in Taro village and that’s the tourism potential that you have. As for elephant exploration activities or ATV ride around the village that you can try. And as long as you travel in this location than take care of the local environment.

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Bidadari Valley viewBidadari Valley swimming

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