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When you are on vacation to Bali do not miss to visit, this tourist attraction is indeed the most popular on the island of Bali Alam Sunset become a special treat at Pura Luhur Uluwatu, so it is not surprising this recreation place is always crowded visitors in the afternoon and become a mandatory tour destination. This temple is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, including in the South Bali tourism area.

This area offers a beautiful and unique view of Luhur Uluwatu temple located at the tip of the cliffs of Coral Hill looks very exotic and interesting, located at an altitude of 97 meters above sea level. This sacred place for Hindus also becomes part of a must-visit attraction while on holiday on the island of Bali.

Uluwatu Temple in Badung is indeed one of the nature tourism destinations besides the beaches in the South Bali area, where South Bali is an area famous for its beautiful natural charm of white sandy beaches.

Puru Uluwatu itself is the most end of the tour in the direction of South Bali, so at the end of the tour, you also witness the charm of the long-awaited sunset. You have to look forward if you are to Bali for a vacation to this place.

Uluwatu Temple – One of the best tourist spots in Bali

Many temples on the island of Bali that is a place of worship of Hindu people is also a place and tourist destination for tourists who travel on tour in Bali. Uluwatu Temple in Badung itself is a temple of Sad Kahyangan Jagat, or as one of the 6 struts on the axis of the wind on the island of the gods, so the island becomes stable, calm and comfortable.

Very beautiful nature and very spectacular presented here because of the view of the temple, Sea, and sunset. This is why Uluwatu Badung temple is an interesting and popular tourist attraction when the holidays to Bali Island are visited by many tourists.

One of the most beautiful ones is watching the sunset in the area of Uluwatu Badung Temple, it is the most interesting and favorite tour and tourist option on the island of Bali when tourists want to admire the Sunset Tour package. Other interesting places that also serve the beautiful nature of the sea with a view of the sunset that is also popular in Bali is Kuta Beach and Tanah Lot.

While the recreation place on the island of Bali Dewata to watch the sunrise or sunrise is the beaches of Amed and Sanur which also serve as a place of fast boat crossing or speed boat from the island of Bali to the island of Gili Trawangan.

The attraction of Uluwatu Temple Tourism object makes it a mandatory destination during holidays and tours on the island of Bali especially tour with destinations towards South Bali. In the village of Pecatu from Uluwatu Temple, South Kuta is a part of South Bali’s most desirable coastal area, because of its stunning nature.

Beach recreation places in South Bali apart from the beautiful nature also offer high waves and elongated, so become a surfing spot that has more extreme challenges, because in addition to the big wave also the existence of rock Hills treats more craftsmanship.

A very interesting thing is the beauty of the natural Pesaona Pura Uluwatu Badung, as well as the coral cliffs around Uluwatu temple, is also an interesting recreation spot, at dusk starting to arrive in Pura Uluwatu it is time to enjoy the setting of the sun with a backdrop of the Indian ocean.

What makes interesting in this place is the recreation of traditional Balinese dance entertainment, namely Kecak dance performances to be very interesting treats, so that your holiday experience in the attraction of Uluwatu temple is more perfect, making those who visit this place always admire it.

At 18.00 to sunset every day there will be a Kecak dance performance in Uluwatu Temple tourist attraction, dancing is always crowded and filled with visitors. Done by about 50-100 dancers for the Kecak dance this day in Uluwatu, they sit in circular clothes using white gloves and kamben patterned black and red squares, bare chest voiced “cak, Cak” and intertwined with a different mesmerizing cak, thus giving rise to the blend of beautiful sound.

To see the performance of Kecak dance Here you are charged the ticket price of Rp 100.000/person if you rent a car in Bali to this attraction in South Bali or use the services of a travel agency to go to Uluwatu, the fee is usually not included in the tour package, you can ask your driver to drive to the counter where the ticket is sold.

Sacred temple, so the forest remains left unsustainable and not exploited, inhabited by hundreds of monkeys or wild monkeys, the monkeys tend to be naughty, love to pick up the goods that visitors carry. Unlike when you are in the Monkey Forest Ubud, monkeys in Ubud can even take pictures with them.

For that visit to Uluwatu, you need to be careful with the presence of apes, few tips to make your tour when visiting this attraction in Bali to be safer; Make sure not to bring unnecessary items, such as glasses, handphone, wallet or other accessories. Do not interfere with the existence of the monkeys.

If you are a holiday and a tour to the area of Uluwatu tourist attraction, items that are not needed can be left in the car, the parking lot in the Uluwatu area is safe, but can also ask your driver for help to keep it. But if until your goods are taken by the ape, ask the locals for help, they will try to help.





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