One of the temples under the sea is the underwater temple of Pemuteran Bali

To see the temple on the mainland is unusual. But there is a remarkable thing to visit the island that is under the sea that is a temple under the sea Pemuteran. Under the sea, you can see the existence of a temple with such a unique and complete architecture. To enjoy the existence of this temple is also very different because the location is under the sea.

A unique cultural heritage because it is located in the depths of the sea is the underwater temple in Pemuteran Bali, it’s people see it. But indeed several environmental creators around the year 2000-an the temple was deliberate to be submerged.
With statues such as Buddha statues or Ganesha sculptures, the divers will easily find a complete temple building while in the subsea area called Taman Pura. Although it was made in the 2000s in this underwater temple such as an artifact that is hundreds or thousands of years as if see if the statues in Surabaya are like that.

This conservation effort involves various parties, ranging from the owner of the Hotel owner, fishermen, to the environmental conservation activist is one of the conservation efforts carried out in the underwater temple of the screening. This project has economic value as well as promising tourism, not only for empowerment and also natural conservation.

With a colorful coral stone that undersea Pura is the condition of the underwater temple of this screening. It was created to be a comfortable coral reef for fish and other marine life, used by Bio Rock techniques on the property building.
Developed for about 14 years and it is until now it has succeeded perfectly which is the technique of Bio Rock for the development of coral reefs in the Pemuteran region.

By being submerged into the seabed Bio Rock using the iron frame. The 6 -10-volt electricity is lined with iron frameworks. The coral reefs are considered to be grown up with continuous electricity Arif electrically. Coral reefs growth 2 to 6 times faster than the growth of coral reefs naturally in this way can accelerate the growth of coral reefs.
Lovers of diving or snorkeling, then the divers will not miss this area of playback. With the presence of statues that are also covered with coral underwater beauty corals plus enchanting. Besides the beauty of the original coral reefs are there. The divers ‘ favorite Spot to enjoy the underwater beauty of Pemuteran is at a depth of about 15-28 m on the seabed area of 2500 m.

Not only a tourist attraction that attracts the area of the underwater temple of Pemuteran but also for those who are learning to achieve the level of Advance used this location for divers. You come to this place never get bored because you can learn while enjoying nature is no wonder if local and foreign tourists often come. They will never tire of wanting to come to this place again.

A place where the underwater temple Pemuteran

In the Bay area of the temple under the sea of Pemuteran, you can browse, located in the Buleleng regency of Bali, through Bedugul area about 115 km from Denpasar or about 3 hours drive is 40 m if from the Gilimanuk crossing.





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