Unique temple carved on top of a cliff named Tegallinggah Blahbatuh Bali cliff temple

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In Bali, it is so easy to find the existence of temples or hermitages. You can find it in remote areas or crowded places visited by residents. Because of its unique shape as well as the natural beauty around it, less than being in a remote area offers such an attraction. Tegallinggah Blahbatuh cliff temple is one example of a temple with such conditions.
The temple found by an ancient expert from the Netherlands named Krijsman is a temple named tebing tegallinggah Blahbatuh. It is a relic in the 12th century AD that he thought that the temple was a relic building in that century. The unique way of discovering this temple takes place. Because it is very unique temple or temple carved on the cliff wall.

By the residents around the sculpture that is on the cliff wall is a gate or gate. It turns out that no one thought that a Krijsman was doing more research to reveal anything else. He found a ladder that could be used to get to the top of the temple. That’s where he found the full existence of the temple in several overdrafts.

Has A Unique Design tegallinggah cliff temple Blahbatuh
The unique design owned by this temple is actually. Because by sculpting on the cliff the process of making it is directly done. The existence of Mount Kawi temple. But the temple building is still half-finished on tegallinggah blahbatuh cliff temple. And some parts of this temple now ruin. And one of them is the wrong gate that became part of the collapse.
The researchers estimated that the work process on the temple was impaired by the condition of such discoveries. And an earthquake is a possible disturbance. So in total, the work was stopped because there was no choice. The 7 oranges and three lingga found by the researchers are unique from the cliff temple tegallinggah Blahbatuh. In Hinduism, the phallus found in the temple is the figure of Trimurti, namely Dewa Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Explain oranges themselves as a location for visitors who want to do asceticism as a means of approaching themselves to Sang Hyang Widhi.

Here’s How to Get To Tegallinggah Blahbatuh Cliff Temple Location

Located in Gianyar Regency, Blahbatuh Sub-District is located in Bedulu Village. You will find a beautiful and stunning view to reach this temple, the view of rice fields that are the main dish that is so refreshing in the middle of the trip. And coupled with a cool, breezy breeze.
Around tegallinggah Blahbatuh cliff temple you will find a natural and green direction. By climbing the stairs you can reach the temple.

To reach this location is very easy because the location of the temple with Denpasar is not so much about 24 kilometers that can be reached by road if driving about 40 minutes long.

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